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Changelog 08/24/2021 - [Episode 6: Rachel / Job Balances]

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  • Additions
    • Added in new client protection: Gepard Shield.
    • Added in a few new commands associated with the new client protection.
      • !vsync - Removes the FPS limit from the client allowing for much smoother gameplay.
      • !ping - Gathers information regarding your connection latency to the server.
      • @lgp (aka Lite Graphics Plugin) - Separate plugin that resembles functions from RCX with a few togglable functions that allows the player to play with effects disabled and still see where skill are.
        • Note that commands associated with the plugin use an "@" symbol.
        • @aoes - Toggles highlighted cells affected by AoE spells (e.g. Storm Gust)
        • @circle - Toggles a circle around the character to show the maximum cast range.
        • @square <on/off/1-14> - Toggles a square around the player to remind you of maximum attack distance.
        • Further customization can be done via the "plugin.ini" file for more advanced users.
    • Added in Rachel and surrounding fields.
    • Added in Rachel Sanctuary dungeon.
      • This dungeon requires two quests to be completed at least once per master account.
        • Lost Child Quest (Minimum base level of 50)
        • Rachel Sanctuary Quest
        • Note: The above two quests can be repeated on a separate character on the same master account if desired, but it is not necessary.
      • After gaining access by completing the quests, the player must make a donation with Nemma before entering the sanctuary.
        • Nemma's suggested donation is based on player level
          • Donation: ((BaseLevel - 49) ^ 2 * 12) Zeny
          • Minimum of 5,000z regardless of level.
          • Maximum of 30,000z at level 99.
        • If more than one hour has passed since the last donation, the player will need to donate again.
          • This one hour window is intended to allow re-entry without needing a new fee in case the player dies shortly after entering.
    • Added in a refine bonus for two-handed melee-range weapons to offset their lack of benefit from refined shields. This includes, 2H Swords, 2H Spears, 2H Axes, and Katars.
      • Lv 1 weapons gain +1% ATK per refine.
      • Lv 2 weapons gain +1.2% ATK per refine.
      • Lv 3 weapons gain +1.5% ATK per refine.
      • Lv 4 weapons gain +2% ATK per refine.
    • Added in Soul Cannon Ball (ghost property) to the Black Marketeer in the alchemist guild.
    • Added in an announcement for battlegrounds when there are at least 4 out of 6 required players to participate.
      • This announcement can be disabled in !settings.
    • Added hats quests for the following:
      • Feather Beret [0] (5170)
        • Effect - 1 DEF. 1 MDEF. -10% damage from demi-human monsters.
        • Starting Location - rachel 152,131
        • Item Requirements
          • 100x Soft Feather (7063)
          • 1x White Dyestuffs (982)
          • 1x Beret (5172)
      • Censor Bar [0] (5175)
        • Effect - 0 DEF. 1 MDEF. HIT-5. Increased resistance to curse status by 5%.
        • Starting Location - rachel 91,273
        • Item Requirements
          • 100x Slick Paper (7111)
          • 1x Black Dyestuffs (983)
          • 99x Stick Mucus (938)
          • + 100,000 Zeny
    • Added Dedric to the Izlude Training Group (center building of Izlude).
      • Dedric specializes in refining lower-tiered armor for the cost of either:
        • 1 Rough Elunium + 0z
        • 0 Rough Elunium + 3,000z
      • Dedric can refine any of the following armors up to +7.
        • Sandals [0] (2401)
        • Sandals [1] (2402)
        • Shoes [0] (2403)
        • Shoes [1] (2404)
        • Hood [0] (2501)
        • Hood [1] (2502)
        • Muffler [0] (2503)
        • Muffler [1] (2504)
        • Guard [0] (2101)
        • Guard [1] (2102)
        • Jacket [0] (2303)
        • Jacket [1] (2304)
        • Wooden Mail [0] (2328)
        • Wooden Mail [1] (2329)
        • Adventurer's Suit [0] (2305)
        • Adventurer's Suit  [1] (2306)
        • Mantle [0] (2307)
        • Mantle [1] (2308)
        • Silver Robe [0] (2332)
        • Silver Robe [1] (2333)
    • Added new temporary donation headgears. Preview in-game!
      • Wonderful Beast Ears, Imperial Glory, Alice Wig (Peach), Takius Blindfold, Deviruchi Headphones, Ereme's Scarf (Blue), Rune Helm, Cat Ears Cape, Mischevious Fairy, Sunglasses Baseball Hat
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue causing the search catalog not to have pages.
    • Fixed an issue regarding vending shop persistency. Shops should now stay open after maintenances.
    • Fixed monsters in job change tests still dropping items and providing EXP as monsters in job change tests should not be providing any exp or items of any kind.
    • Fixed Shadow and Holy Elemental Converters not being allowed in buying shops.
    • Fixed some potential edge-cases where Whitesmith's augmentation skills augment incorrect weapons.
    • Fixed Kafra outside of Orc Dungeon not having Master Storage and Guild Storage.
    • Fixed Kiel Dungeon Floor 1 monster spawns to prevent monsters becoming trapped in the top right of the map.
    • Fixed many Gunslinger / Rebel weapons mistakenly also mentioning Kagerou and Oboro as able to be equipped by in the database.
    • Fixed Bargain Hunter's Catalogue searches for the following items:
      • Safety Ring, HP Increase Potion (Large), Robe of Casting, Celines Ribbon, Inverse Scale, Energizing Potion, Dokebi Horn, Crystal Pumps, Vesper Cores, Glove, Earring, Critical Ring, Ring, Necklace, Brooch, Rosary, Vidar's Boots, Fricco's Shoes, Moonlight Sword, Valkyrie Shield, Valkyrie Helm, Valkyrie Shoes, Valkyrie Manteau, Valkyrie Armor
    • Fixed mastery damage from skills like Spear Mastery, Axe Mastery, etc. not properly matching their descriptions.
    • Fixed night monsters spawning in towns.
    • Fixed a few edge cases that caused server crashes regarding Hatred of the Stars and Cannon Balls.
    • Fixed Land Mind (Hunter Skill) not affected all enemies in area.
    • Fixed Lock and Load (Rebel Skill) skill description regarding usable weapons.
    • Fixed Altair & Ares not having any bonus effects.
    • Fixed the missing 10 second delay before being able to cast Asura on non-pvp map changes. This was done previously to prevent luring monsters to portals.
    • Fixed an issue regarding bullet crafting databases not being properly cleared resulting in manufacture (Gunslinger Skill) not functioning.
    • Fixed an issue regarding hitting maximum units places with ice wall and meteor storm.
    • Fixed Advanced Katar Mastery skill description regarding card-like damage.
    • Fixed the strange screenshot image appearing when using Special Pharmacy (Creator Skill).
    • Fixed Fire Pillar (when used by monsters) not being pseudo-multi-hit as it is for players, causing super high damage.
    • Fixed an interaction regarding Amplify Magic Power + Storm Gust / Lord of Vermillion / Meteor Storm skills not properly carrying increased MATK.
    • Fixed Spirits Recovery (Monk Skill) not properly adding HP and SP regen.
    • Fixed description on many passive recovery skills stating 7 seconds when it is actually 5.3 seconds.
    • Fixed Cast-off Cicada Shell (Ninja Skill) sliding effect being ignored by strong shield.
    • Fixed Sling Item (Creator Skill) not being considered a ranged skill when the target is under pneuma / safety wall.
    • Fixed certain towns not being flagged as towns for purposes of Bargain Hunter's Catalogue.
    • Fixed Ice Titan Card procing at 50% when it should only be 5%.
    • Fixed Rogue and Stalker job classes not having a proper APM when using axe-type weapons.
    • Fixed a potential sequence of events with the Hypnotist where the user would be locked out of resets for the grace period duration.
    • Fixed weather status effects overlapping when changing between maps that have two different weather effects.
    • Fixed Rebel missing an aura at level 99.
    • Fixed Meltdown (Whitesmith Skill) causing the strip status at a much higher rate than intended.
    • Fixed Empty Test Tube weight in description.
    • Fixed Kaite (Soul Linker Skill) max level causing skill tree glitches.
    • Fixed Chilly Spell Book job equipment requirements. It should be Priest and Sage only.
    • Fixed Kathryne Keyron Card mentioning a refinement of +9 when it has additional effects at +8.
    • Fixed the combination reset option of the Hypnotist not giving proper skill points for Rebel.
  • General Changes
    • Elemental table is now more standardized across all elements with regards to difference between elemental levels. This is to allow more distinction between Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 of each element.
    • Monsters Ghostring, Giant Whisper, Whisper, and Nightmare have moved from Ghost 2 -> Ghost 3.
    • Corrected the HIT and Flee values from the website's monster database.
    • Changes to the additional weight per point of base STR in order to allow more fruitful investments at lower STR values while retaining the same max weight at 99 STR.
      • Old Weight Bonus = STR * 30
        • Example of Champion with 20 STR = 3200 Max Weight
      • New Weight Bonus = STR * (49.8 - 0.2 * STR)
        • Example of Champion with 20 STR = 3516 Max Weight
    • The mail system can now only be opened/used in towns to prevent the mail system being used as a remote storage system.
    • Elemental resistances above 60% reductions now have diminished benefit to avoid complete immunity at high values.
      • Resistance > 60 = 60 + 40 * (Resistance - 60) / (Resistance - 20)
      • Note: resistance <= 60% is unchanged
    • Movement speed calculations changed to be multiplicative across categories rather than additive as well as separated item bonuses from the positive statuses category..
      • Note 1: The categories are: Passive Skills, Negative Statuses, Positive Statuses, and Item Bonuses.
      • Note 2: The max value of each category is still used.
    • Refining price changes. Cost is no longer a flat value, and instead, increases in cost with each refine.
      • Level 1 weapons (cost per refine <5): 20z * refinement
      • Level 1 weapons (cost per refine >4): 220z * refinement
      • Level 2 weapons (cost per refine <5): 100z * refinement
      • Level 2 weapons (cost per refine >4): 1350z * refinement
      • Level 3 weapons (cost per refine): 2500z * refinement
      • Level 4 weapons (cost per refine): 8000z * refinement
      • Armors (cost per refine < 5): 1000z * refinement
      • Armors (cost per refine > 4): 3000z * refinement
    • Looter-type monsters can no longer loot item drops from MvPs.
    • Tirfing no longer only grants movement speed bonuses to unmounted characters. The effect is also now +3% movement per refinement.
    • Vending has been disabled in the area just north of the Geffen fountain.
    • Romantic Gent drop rate from Vocal increased from 1% to 5%.
    • Updated the Orbis of Midgard map.
    • Death Fire (13192) now increases ranged damage by 5% instead of 6% per refinement.
    • Removed the green aura effect from MvPs.
    • Heavy Metaling Card damage bonus to Cart Revolution decreased from +33% to +15%.
    • The item bonus "bAtkRate" now provides +X% ATK rather than increasing damage by a percentage. (note: this was previously only seen in weapon modifications)
    • Ninja-related shops "Boonji" and "Boonray" have moved inside the Izlude Academy's Armory.
    • Increased drop rate of Queen's Whip from Zealotus from 1% to 1.5%
    • Increased drop rate of Oriental Lute [0] from Evil Nymph from 0.20% to 1.5%
    • Queen's Whip and Oriental Lute effect changed to ignore 5% per refinement of enemy defenses.
    • Mage Coat [1] now has an additional effect of allowing Energy Coat (Mage Skill) to decrease magic damage by an equivalent amount as physical damage.
    • Land Protector visuals now always show regardless of /effect settings.
    • Shinobi Sash item now has 1 card slot.
    • Ballista can now be equipped by rogue job classes.
    • Celine Kimi respawn time decreased from 12 hours to 8 hours.
    • Lord Knight Card no longer reduces max HP as it is not needed due to changes to the Berserk skill listed below.
    • Increased the grace period on the Hypnotist's resets from 10 mins to 15 mins.
    • Panacea now cures the "orc face" status.
    • Hylozoist has been standardized as "Heirozoist" across the database and in-game monster cards.
    • Goibne's set now increases resistance against neutral attacks by 10%.
    • Weather no longer provides status effects in towns; however, the visual effect is still displayed.
    • Assaulter now drops Jur [3] @ 0.80% rate instead of Old Blue Box.
    • Increased drop rates on Skogul for items Skull Ring to 5% and Rogue to 10%.
    • Ninja Suit item weight decreased from 150 to 10 to match Thief's Clothes.
    • Removed the warp from ein_fild07 to yuno_fild11 as that map is not currently in use.
    • Grief for Greed hat Gold drop rate reduced from 0.09% to 0.06%
    • Marin Card drop rate of Large Jellopy increased from 0.30% to 4.5%
    • Anopheles Card drop rate of Cheese decreased from 3% to 0.99%
    • Dragon Skin value decreased from 1025z buy (614z sell) to 545z buy (327z sell)
    • Deleter (both monsters) dragon-related parts all decreased in drop percentage to 25.25% each.
    • Gold Acidus Treasure Box drop rate decreased from 0.15% to 0.05%
    • Clan Dungeon Lv 2 Mobster changed to Penomena.
    • Old Parasol item is now ghost property to match it's ghost magic casts.
    • Changed many def-ignoring weapons in order to normalize their DPS output vs. non-def-ignoring weapons and avoid completely universal item usage. New effects:
      • Scissor Sword - Increases damage against plant and insect monsters by 15%. Pierces DEF of plant and insect by 50% + 5% per refinement.
      • Immaterial Sword (Neutral) - Increases damage against formless monsters by 15%. Pierces DEF of formless monsters by 50% + 5% per refinement.
      • Dragon Slayer - Increases damage against dragon monsters by 15%. Pierces DEF of dragon monsters by 50% + 5% per refinement.
      • Combat Knife - Increases damage against demi-human monsters by 15%. Pierces DEF of demi-human monsters by 50% + 5% per refinement.
      • Exorciser - Increases damage against demon monsters by 15%. Pierces DEF of demon monsters by 50% + 5% per refinement.
      • Slaughter - Increases damage against brute monsters by 15%. Pierces DEF of brute  monsters by 50% + 5% per refinement. Causes coma to brute monsters by 0.1% per refinement.
      • Dragon Killer - Increases damage against dragon monsters by 15%. Pierces DEF of dragon monsters by 50% + 5% per refinement. Increases EXP gained from dragon monsters by 10%.
      • Immaterial Sword (Ghost) - Increases damage against formless monsters by 15%. Pierces DEF of formless monsters by 50% + 5% per refinement.
    • Anolian Card now also has a slightly smaller chance of casting Attention Concentrate when attacking in addition to being hit.
    • Item ownership after killing monster is increased from 10s to 30s to help avoid losing items to nearby players.
      • Reminder of the ToS: "...it is considered item stealing to intentionally wait for this timer to expire while the original owner is still nearby."
    • !shopsearch and !buysearch now display commas in price values.
    • Pet capture rate no longer takes player LUK stat into account. Instead there is more emphasis on the difference in player vs monster level.
      • Success (out of 10000): Base Rate + (Base Lv - Mob Lv)*30) * (220 - Percent HP Remaining) / 100
    • Heavy Metaling now drops Freedom Flame @ 0.45% drop rate.
    • Updated Old Card Album with all new area cards.
    • Updated Dead Branch with all new area monsters.
    • Changed Novice Potion re-use delay from 500ms to 200ms.
    • Type A instances (MvP-only) now have a different order of operations of checks before entering and now have two separate time requirements that must be met.
      • This applies to the current Type A instances: Gloom Under Night, Valkyrie Randgris, and Thanatos.
      • Each master account is permitted to enter or generate an instance as long as 8 hours have passed and it is the next day. This is to allow more flexibility on when a person can enter a Type A instance.
      • Note: entering the instance will prevent you from generating another.
  • WoE / PvP / BG Changes
    • Increased max guild capacity from 36 to 50. Formula is 20 + 3 * Skill Lv.
    • Battlegrounds supplies are now usable in the PvP arena (guild_vs3).
    • Battleground supplies can now be placed in cart (but should be unable to sell via vending).
    • Memory Portal (Novice Skill) is now disabled on all WoE/PvP/BG maps.
    • Acid Demonstration (Creator Skill) damage reduction changed from -50% to -35% damage.
    • Body Relocation (Monk Skill) is now allowed in Battlegrounds.
    • Added the following to Telma in exchange for Battlegrounds-only supplies. 1 Bravery Badge ea:
      • 200 Traps
      • 10 Poison Bottles
      • 20 Holy Water
      • 200 Apple Bomb
      • 50 Coconut Bomb
      • 30 Pineapple Bomb
      • 150 Iron Cannon Ball
      • 300 Steel Arrow
      • 30 Glistening Coat
      • 100 Plant Bottle
      • 100 Marine Sphere Bottle
      • 150 White Slim Potion
  • Class-Specific Changes
    • NOTES:
      • There are still many job-class related changes yet to be implemented. Please be patient as we get to all suggestions, fixes, and other changes.
      • Due to the number of changes, the Hypnotist is free for the next 7 days.
    • Swordsman
      • Spear Mastery (Swordsman Skill) no longer gives an additional +1 mastery damage per skill level while mounted. It is now a flat +2.5 mastery damage like other mastery skills.
      • Riding a Peco Peco no longer changes the size modifiers of spear vs. medium sized monsters to 100%. Instead, spear vs. medium monsters are now always 100%.
      • Clashing Spiral (Lord Knight Skill) after-cast delay removed due to the skill already having a cool-down.
        • Damage (Spear) increased to 40% + (Skill Lv * 30) + (Weapon Weight * (0.10 + Skill Lv * 0.05))
        • Damage (Non-spear) increased to 40% + (Skill Lv * 30) + (Weapon Weight * (0.05 + Skill Lv * 0.05))
        • SP Cost reduced slightly to (per level): 15, 18, 21, 24, 27
        • Cool-down decreased to (333ms * Skill Lv) - 333ms
      • Parrying (Lord Knight Skill) now allows use with 2H Spear and 2H Axe weapons.
        • Duration increased to 30s + 15s * Skill Lv
      • Vendetta (Lord Knight Skill) cool-down reduced from 500ms to 300ms.
      • Berserk (Lord Knight Skill) changes
        • Healing penalty reduced to 100% - 10% * Skill Lv
        • Flee penalty reduced to -110% + 20% * Skill Lv
        • Damage bonus changed from +100% to +24% * Skill Lv
        • Now gains bonus damage over time. Every 10 seconds that passes increases this above bonus by +2% * Skill Lv %.
          • Example: Having Berserk Lv 5 up for 1~10 seconds would be 250% damage.  At 100 seconds, this would be 300%
      • Ignition Break (Lord Knight Skill) damage increased.
        • Damage (3x3): 900% + 160% * Skill Lv
        • Damage (5x5): 800% + 100% * Skill Lv
        • Damage (9x9): 500% + 90% * Skill Lv
      • Aura Blade (Lord Knight Skill) duration increased to 30s + 30s * Skill Lv
        • No longer provides a critical damage bonus.
      • Concentration (Lord Knight Skill) duration increased to 30s + 30s * Skill Lv
      • Defensive Stance (Lord Knight Skill) damage penalty adjusted to -25% + (-5% * Skill Lv) (no penalty at max level)
        • APM penalty increased from -55% + 5% * Skill Lv to -60% + 5% * Skill Lv
      • Divine Punishment (Paladin Skill)
        • Damage increased to (ATK * 2 + MATK * 4) / 3 * (500% + 100% * Skill Lv)
        • No longer can be interrupted during casting.
      • Banishing Point (Paladin Skill) damage increased to the following:
        • Damage (1H Spear): (60% * Skill Lv) + (20% * Bash Lv)
        • Damage (2H Spear): (80% * Skill Lv) + (20% * Bash Lv)
      • Divine Glyph (Paladin Skill) no longer requires a shield for the damaging aspect, but does require a shield for healing.
      • Auto Guard (Crusader Skill) delay when blocking changed from 200ms to 150ms at Lv 6~9 and reduced from 100ms to 0ms at Lv 10.
      • Moon Slasher (Paladin Skill) AoE size increased from 5x5 to 7x7 to accommodate spear attacking distance.
      • Ray of Genesis (Paladin Skill) HP drain decreased from 2% * Skill Lv to 1% * Skill Lv
        • Cooldown decreased from 5s to 4s.
        • Cast time decreased by 1000ms at each skill level (now 3.5s at max level).
    • Magician
      • Spell Breaker (Sage Skill) now fails when used against status immune monsters (e.g. bosses).
      • Lord of Vermillion (Wizard Skill) waves changed from 4 waves of 10 hits to individual hits at 200ms intervals.
        • Damage per hit is 230% at all levels.
        • Number of hits 7 + 1 * Skill Lv
      • Fire Pillar (Wizard Skill) no longer requires a catalyst to cast.
        • Max level reduced to 5.
        • Hit count is now 2 + Skill Lv * 2
        • AoE size is now always 5x5
        • Damage increased to 80% * Skill Lv
      • Meteor Storm (Wizard Skill) now deals consistent "star-like" pattern.
        • Each meteor's AoE size increased from 3x3 to 7x7 (allows overlapping)
          • Note: meteors from the same initial spell cast (and same caster) can overlap, but meteor storm does not stack in the traditional manner with multiple spell casts and/or multiple wizards.
        • Each meteor now deals 100% + 20% * Skill Lv damage
      • Frost Nova (Wizard Skill) now has a 100% chance to freeze on second hit that is not reduced by MDEF.
        • Now no longer knocks back the center cell where casted.
      • Earth Strain (High Wizard Skill) now destroys Ice Wall in it's path.
        • Max range decreased from 4 + Skill Lv to 2 + Skill Lv
      • Crimson Rock (High Wizard Skill) AoE size increased from 7x7 to 9x9
        • Damage increased from 545% + 200% * Skill Lv to 500% + 330% * Skill Lv
        • Now has a hard cooldown of 500ms.
      • Jack Frost (High Wizard Skill) now has slightly different function (longer casts, more damage) at levels 6~10.
        • Damage (Lv 1~5): 325% + 100% * Skill Lv
        • Damage (Lv 1~5 Subsequent): 500% + 200% * Skill Lv
        • Damage (Lv 6~10): 300% * Skill Lv"
        • Damage (Lv 6~10 Subsequent):  700% * Skill Lv
        • Cast Times (Lv 1~5): 1000ms + 500ms * Skill Lv
        • Cast Times (Lv 6~10): 7500ms + 1500ms * Skill Lv
        • ACD (per level): 1000ms, 1000ms, 1000ms, 1000ms, 1000ms, 2400ms, 2800ms, 3200ms, 3600ms, 4000ms
        • SP cost (per level): 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 180, 210, 240, 270, 300
        • Jack Frost's first hit now counts towards the first hit of Frost Nova.
      • Tetra Vortex (High Wizard Skill)
        • Now deals 7x7 AoE per hit (i.e. each orb is it's own 7x7 AoE)
        • Damage is now 200% * Skill Lv +(40% * Previous Orbs * Skill Lv) (up to 4000% total per hit)
        • Cast Time (Fixed) is now 2000ms, 3500ms, 5000ms, 6500ms, 8000ms
        • Cooldown is now 5000ms, 6500ms, 8000ms, 9500ms, 11000ms
      • Chain Lightning (High Wizard Skill) changes to how lightning chains between targets.
        • Initial AoE search size increased from 5x5 to 7x7. This search range increases to 9x9 after first two hits, and 13x13 after 6 hits.
        • Amount of potential chains remains the same (30 potential chains), but is decreased based on distance the chain travels.
          • Less than 6 cells to next target counts as 1 chain.
          • Between (and including) 6 and 8 cells to the next target counts as 2 chains.
          • Greater than 8 cells to next target counts as 3 chains.
        • Damage now slightly decreases with each chain.
          • Initial damage multiplier increased from 100% + 80% * Skill Lv to 110% * Skill Lv
          • Final damage multiplier is decreased by -10% * Chains
      • Release (High Wizard Skill) Level 3 now displays remaining Mind Slots upon releasing a stored spellbook.
      • Release (High Wizard Skill) Level 1&2 (individual and all orb release) now deal directional AoE damage (similar to Sharp Shooting).
      • Amplify Magic Power (High Wizard Skill)
        • MATK bonus increased from 10% * Skill Lv to 30% * Skill Lv
        • Now additionally increases cast time by 14% * Skill Lv
    • Thief
      • Slight tweaks to Feint Bomb (Stalker Skill) and it's invisible status in order to not force rude-teleport on monsters.
      • Enchant Deadly Poison (Assassin Cross Skill) no longer provides a critical damage bonus.
      • Advanced Katar Mastery (Assassin Cross Skill) perfect dodge bonus reduced from 2 * Skill Lv to 1 * Skill Lv
      • Katar Mastery (Assassin Skill) no longer provides a critical bonus and instead provides 1 * Skill Lv perfect dodge.
      • Dark Illusion (Assassin Cross Skill) no longer provides a temporary APM bonus.
        • Now places the caster directly next to target.
      • Triangle Shot (Stalker Skill) no longer causes knockback by chance.
    • Archer
      • Dancing status no longer applies a 30% APM penalty.
      • Arrow Vulcan (Gypsy/Clown Skill) damage increased to 500% + 130% * Skill Lv
        • Cooldown decreased from 2500ms to 2000ms
      • Perfect Rhythm (Gypsy/Clown Skill) no longer increases SP costs while using.
        • Duration increased to 30 + 30 * Skill Lv seconds.
      • Fortune's Kiss (Dancer Skill) critical damage bonus changed.
        • Old: + (2 * Skill Lv) + (LUK / 10) + (Lessons Lv)
        • New: + (Skill Lv) + (LUK / 10) + (Lessons Lv / 2)
    • Merchant
      • Finder's Fee (Merchant Skill) now only has a chance of happening if the target monster was hit by one of the following skills.
        • Mammonite, Cart Termination, Sling Item, or Cart Cannon
      • Sling Item (Creator Skill) now has a 400ms skill-specific cooldown: the same as Cart Cannon.
        • SP consumption changed to (per level): 30, 60, 60, 60, 60
        • Coconut Bomb no longer causes stun effect.
        • Cast Times are now (per level), 0ms, 500ms, 500ms, 0ms, 0ms.
      • Axe Tornado (Whitesmith Skill) cooldown increased from 1000ms to 1500ms.
        • SP Cost increased to (per level): 21, 27, 33, 39, 45
      • Full-Adrenaline Rush (Blacksmith Skill) APM bonus for party members decreased from 20% to 10%.
      • Power Swing (Whitesmith Skill) is now able to be reproduced and is usable with all weapon types.
        • Non-axe weapons receive only 50% of the original non-skill damage bonus.
      • Body Tempering (Whitesmith Skill) elemental damage reduction decreased to 1% per Skill Lv for each element.
    • Acolyte
      • Spirits Recovery (Monk Skill) no longer requires sitting and now takes into account current spirit spheres when recovering HP/SP
        • SP Recovered: +(Spirits * Skill Lv / 3) + (Skill Lv * Max SP / 500)
        • HP Recovered: +(Spirits * Skill Lv * 12 / 5) + (Skill Lv * Max HP / 500)
    • Gunslinger
      • Last Stand (Gunslinger Skill) now has a 60 second cooldown if the user is revived.
      • Gunman Insignia (Gunslinger Skill) damage reduction when using shotguns changed from melee to all attacks.
      • Desperado (Gunslinger Skill) is now always considered ranged damage.
      • Bull's Eye (Gunslinger Skill) cast time reduced from 1500ms to 500ms.
      • Adjustment (Gunslinger Skill) no longer applies the attack speed penalty to pistol-type weapons.
      • Gatling Fever (Gunslinger Skill) card-like damage reduced from 12% * Skill Lv to 8% * Skill Lv
        • Cooldown decreased from 15s to 13s.
      • Heat Barrel (Rebel Skill) now has separate ATK bonuses for pistols and other weapons.
        • ATK (Pistol Weapons): 10% + 3% * Skill Lv
        • ATK (Other Weapons): 3% * Skill Lv
      • Slug Shot (Rebel Skill) now ignores the target's defense.
      • Shattering Storm (Rebel Skill) SP Cost Increased to: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
      • Quick Draw Shot (Rebel Skill) now only deals 4 total hits to crimson-marked targets if using a pistol weapon. All other weapon types only receive 3 total hits.
      • Binding Trap (Rebel Skill) status effect lingering time reduced from 9s + Skill Lv to 4s + Skill Lv
      • Mass Spiral (Rebel Skill) now applies a 5s debuff of removing enemy natural critical shield (LUK-based resistance to critical hits).
      • Round Trip (Rebel Skill) now applies 3s of decreased movement to targets.
      • Fire Rain (Rebel Skill) AoE size no longer dependent on skill level used as well as increased from 3x10 to 5x12.
        • The starting position of the AoE is now the caster's cell to allow hitting enemies near the caster.
      • Sniper's Perch (Rebel Skill) cooldown reduced from 3000ms to 1500ms
      • Hammer of God (Rebel Skill) cast range increased to 14 to match that of Crimson Marker.
      • Platinum Alter (Rebel Skill) damage reduction reduced and now applies to all monster types.
        • Damage Decrease: -((100 + 10 * Skill Lv * Coins) / 50)%
      • Howling Mine (Rebel Skill) now explodes upon monster death to deal splash damage.
      • Flicker (Rebel Skill) when triggering Howling Mine, now triggers the splash damage rather than initial damage.
      • Dragon Tail and Fire Dance (Rebel Skills) are now always considered ranged damage.
      • Overheat (Rebel Skill) now has new maximum damage bonuses of 200% for pistol and 275% for gatling.
    • Other Jobs
      • Bulgae Spirit (Soul Linker Skill) damage reduction changed from 10% * Skill Lv to 5% * Skill Lv
        • Attack speed bonus reduced from 10% * Skill Lv to 1% + 3% * Skill Lv

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F whitesmith

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F Whitesmith and Assassin Cross.


Also, no nerfs for Rebels spamming 100k hits? Gotta nerf the Tier 3 classes first I guess?

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I can't enter the game after the update, or I go in for 5 minutes and throws it out, the site says that I'm in the game, the game client shows just disconnect. win 10, reinstalling the game didn't help

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I can't enter the game after the update, or I go in for 5 minutes and throws it out, the site says that I'm in the game, the game client shows just disconnect. win 10, reinstalling the game didn't help



This is also happening to me, maybe normal. I don't know, give it a few days and check again I guess.. sure they will get it all sorted out :)


EDIT: Also try patching the game, that's my next step. lol


EDIT 2: Patching the game helped. I'm now able to sign in ^_^

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Update Content


Rachel & Veins fields:






Wild Hare


Rachel Sanctuary:







Gloom Under Night



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