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Changelog 06/02/2021 - [General Bug Fixes]

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  • Additions
    • Added a Mediafire mirror to the downloads list.
      • Additionally, updated all downloads to 05-31-2021.
      • Homunculus AI is now included in the download.
    • Added a new bot to discord: Mod Message.
      • Send a direct message to the Mod Message bot and it will create a support channel so a staff member can respond.
      • This is to be used in place of directly contacting staff members.
      • Added a message regarding the Mod Message bot in the hourly announcements.
    • Added a PvP NPC to Izlude across the sidewalk from the Kafra.
    • Added in a check which prevents vending if another player is on the same cell.
    • Added in a temporary character-bound reset ticket for Clown, Gypsy, Creator, and Sniper classes given on login to account for heavy build-related changes in the previous patch.
      • Note: this is only provided for the next 7 days. After that, reset tickets will no longer be given out.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed hover-over text for the website's world map.
    • Fixed Ghost monsters not showing up as Ghost on the website's database.
    • Fixed Kiel Hyre dungeon entrance quest having the potential to halt progress just before the end.
    • Fixed Fallen Angel (Rebel Skill) fixed to only need Desperado level 5 since that is the max level.
    • Fixed Freedom Flame weapon in-game description regarding weapon level.
    • Fixed some potential missing sprite files for Rebel weapons.
    • Fixed monster negative attack speed status calculations, again.
    • Fixed Banishing Buster removing knockback immunity on monsters.
    • Fixed Shadow element still having a bonus against neutral when it should not.
    • Fixed Rebel being able to equip knife-type weapons.
    • Fixed Fire Expansion (Creator Skill) level 4 requiring PvP maps when it should be usable everywhere.
    • Fixed missing clothing colors for the following:
      • Rebel, Lord Knight, High Priest, Creator, and Professor.
      • Note: Some job classes only have slight color changes in their basic dyes. This does not mean that they are missing dyes.
    • Fixed item-granted drops/zeny dropping for slave monsters and in other areas where they should not be dropping.
    • Fixed the lack of mention of Ghost monsters on Magnus Exorcismus (Priest Skill) skill description.
    • Fixed King Prawn Hat dropping Tasty Shrimp at a 30% rate instead of 10% rates.
    • Fixed monsters being able to change to level 4 of an element even though level 4 element has been deprecated.
    • Fixed Hylozoist Card effect still procing in merchant set combo.
  • Changes
    • Izlude vending area adjustments
      • Disallowed vending on the north east of Izlude (near the Academy Board).
      • Disallowed vending around the fountain of Izlude (south west).
      • Disallowed some obscure vending locations around Izlude refiners (south east).
      • Enabled one row of vending along the two bridges just south of Izlude.
    • Slight adjustments to the ghost element for more disparity between ghost element levels.
    • Adjustments to elements and monster attacks.
      • Normal monster attacks (both ranged and short) are now considered non-elemental instead of neutral.
      • Monster skills that normally take the element of the user's weapon are considered non-elemental to properly match their normal attacks.
        • Note: This applies to both monster-exclusive skills and player skills used by monsters.
        • Examples: NPC_CRITICALSLASH, NPC_STUNATTACK, Bash, Brandish Spear, etc.
      • Note: Neutral resistance (such as from Raydric Card) still reduces non-elemental damage. This applies to both skills and non-skills described above.
    • The following monster-exclusive skills have been changed to forced neutral:
    • Adjustments to Kiel and Aliot skill usage.
    • PvP now takes into account damage adjustments for WoE/BG.

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Google drive is working great. On my net im getting 2-3mbps of download speed while using the link.
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Google drive is working great. On my net im getting 2-3mbps of download speed while using the link.
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