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Changelog 04/18/2021 - [Monster Improvements / EXP Changes]

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  • Additions
    • Added new Setup.exe to support new client features and support ROExt functions.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed most instances not being able to be generated.
    • Fixed players not being able to steal cards from monsters.
    • Fixed certain item bonuses capping MDEF and DEF to 127.
    • Fixed Triangle Shot use not walking the player to the appropriate cast range if the player was out of cast range.
    • Fixed incorrect selling prices when selling items to an NPC. (i.e. the "built in" Overcharge skill was missing). It should now match the sell value as listed on the item database on the site.
    • Fixed player walk path functions. This should now function as it used to before our new client was introduced.
    • Fixed Legendary Helm causing client crashes.
    • Fixed expanded super novice being able to equip two-handed weapons they were not meant to.
    • Fixed Quagmire effect not properly ending when the target leaves the area. Quagmire effects will end on all entities upon leaving the area; however, slower movement should be retained for 5 seconds on non-boss monsters.
    • Fixed knockback immunity from monster skills not functioning at all.
    • Fixed songs forcing a lengthy cooldown on Adaption to Circumstances which disallowed flashing songs.
    • Fixed Encore status not being removed when switching weapons to cancel songs.
    • Fixed Double Casting (Professor Skill) not working with Earth Spike.
    • Fixed Spellfist not functioning with Earth Spike.
    • Fixed bloody branch monster table including monsters that are not yet available.
    • Fixed Bio Cannibalize geographers not having 7 cell attack range.
    • Fixed Inspiration draining player's health per attack (unintentional).
    • Fixed magic skills not being effectve against RX-0806's countdown.
    • Fixed chilled, shocked, and grounded statuses not having their additional effect for magic skills of similar element.
    • Fixed item description for Woodie Card. "Reduces damage from critical attacks by 20%."
  • Changes
    • Changing job to 3rd jobs (including Expanded Super Novice) now requires base level 80 in addition to job level 50.
    • Base EXP curve adjusted: more EXP required in the level 50~80 range, but not a significant change overall in reaching base level 99.
      • This change coupled with the base level 80 requirement for 3rd jobs is intended to promote more time spent as a 2nd job class as well as to allow for a more incremental approach to monsters that require more strategy, planning, and equipment knowledge. Previously, players spent very little time as 2nd job class and were struck with a harsh change in hunting monsters intended for 3rd job classes. The goal is to ease players into these harder areas rather going direct from mindless auto-attacking to needing certain armors and astute observations of monster skills.
      • EXP Curves outlining differences in the Level 50 ~ 80 range as well as the overall EXP requirements in reaching level 99.
      • sVpCflM.png
    • Basilica (High Priest Skill) no longer checks for entities in the skill area. However, it will still check for unwalkable spaces and walls.
    • Double Casting (Professor Skill) now casts the second bolt at full level value rather than the previous half level value.
    • Illusion Doping (Creator Skill) now has it's attack speed reduction halved on boss monsters.
    • Triangle Shot (Stalker Skill) after-cast delay changed from 2000ms to 0ms, with skill-specific cooldown increased to 2000ms. This allows other skills to be used in between Triangle Shot casts.
      • Damage increased from 400% + 110% * Skill Lv to 500% + 150% * Skill Lv
    • Improvise Skill (Clown / Gypsy Skill) no longer has the following spells: Soul Strike, Cold Bolt, Frost Diver, Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Fire Pillar, Fire Wall, Jupiter Thunder, Water Ball.
    • Increased all Mysterious Eggs in Izlude Max HP from 500,000 to 5,000,000
    • The Blessing and Increase AGI statuses obtained when leveling up are now based on player level: floor(Base Level / 10) + 1
    • Removed the weapon-check for equipping arrow items which disallowed other job classes like assassin to not be able to equip arrows.
    • Holding down hotkeys to cast skills again has been temporarily disabled pending feedback.
    • Cloaking Exceed now boosts damage to Sonic Blow and Soul Destroyer in the same manner as regular cloaking does.
    • Wink Charm and Pang Voice (Bard / Dancer Skills) now deal 200% MATK damage rather than a flat 100 damage. This takes into account weapon element.
    • Pet evolution for Petite changed from Petite Tail (150) to Dragon Canine (200). Aloevera reduced from 150 to 10.
    • Pet evolution for Hyegun requirement of Old Portrait reduced from 100 to 10.
    • Volcano, Deluge, and Violent Gale are now able to be copied via plagiarize and reproduce.
    • Apple bomb creation now has a new minimum number crafted per attempt at 50 instead of 1.
    • Increased damage with Sling Item - Coconut Bomb. Other damage values are unchanged. Below is a reference.
      • Apple Bomb - 400% + (5% * INT) (unchanged)
      • Coconut Bomb - 500% + (15% * INT) (new)
      • Pineapple Bomb - 400% + (10% * INT) (unchanged)
    • Unlimit (Sniper Skill) no longer reduces flee. All other aspects of the skill remain the same.
    • Removed the additional novice class bonuses on a few items since they are no longer needed as well as some minor tweaks to cards below.
      • Pitman Card - Removed the double bonus for novice class.
      • Hill Wind Card - Removed the double bonus for novice class. Changed Jupiter Thunder bonus to Lightning Bolt.
      • Siroma Card - Removed additional bonus for novice class.
    • Argos Card - Effect changed to reducing damage from plant race monsters by 30%. Equips to shield.
  • Monster Changes
    • Siroma base and job EXP reduced by 15%.
    • Snowier base and job EXP increased by 15%.
    • Woodie base and job EXP increased by 33%.
    • Anubis race changed from demon to undead.
    • Adjusted frequency and level of monster's elemental attacks in order to make monster elemental attacks more frequent and hit for less damage rather than to be infrequent and hit for high damage. This mainly targets monsters that used these skills at rates of 5%. If a monster was using one of the following skills outside the scope of this change, it was unchanged.
      • Previous Lv 1 @ 5% -> Now Level 1 @ 15%
      • Previous Lv 2 @ 5% -> Now Level 1 @ 20%
      • Previous Lv 3 @ 5% -> Now Level 2 @ 15%
      • Previous Lv 4 @ 5% -> Now Level 2 @ 20%
      • Previous  Lv 5 @ 5% -> Now Level 3 @ 20%
      • Previous  Lv 6 @ 5% -> Now Level 4 @ 20%
    • The following monster skills should now be displayed in-game above the monster in order to help identify which skill a monster is using:
      • Random Attack !!
      • Water Attack !!
      • Ground Attack !!
      • Fire Attack !!
      • Wind Attack !!
      • Poison Attack !!
      • Holy Attack !!
      • Darkness Attack !!
      • Telekinesis Attack !!
      • Undead Attack !!
      • Blind Attack !!
      • Silence Attack !!
      • Stun Attack !!
      • Petrify Attack !!
      • Curse Attack !!
      • Sleep Attack !!
      • Ranged Attack !!
      • Critical Slash !!
      • Combo Attack !!
      • Guided Attack !!
      • Piercing Attack !!
    • Mistress moved from mjolnir_04 to mjolnir_05 along with a few Hornet spawns on mjolnir_05 for flair.
    • Pitman Earth Grave cast time increased from 0ms to 1500ms to allow it to be dodged.
    • Snowier now uses level 1 Critical Slash instead of level 2 Piercing Attack.

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