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Changelog 04/01/2021 - [Region Overhauls]

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  • Additions
    • Added in new security measures to detect robots. Players must now complete a reCAPTCHA every 5 minutes to continue playing. (Five failed attempts will result in a permanent ban)
    • Added in giant wings to the Kafra Shop. These wings should provide ample wingspan to obstruct the view of other players.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed the game client running at excessively large resolutions. It is now capped at a maximum of 640 x 480.
    • Fixed rogues being able to plagiarize abilities that were not theirs to begin with.
      • Rogues will now need to run their skills through turnitin.com before being allowed to use them.
    • Fixed Song of Destruction not playing the full length of the Megadeth song. It now plays the full 4 minutes.
  • Changes
    • Changed Stalker job class name to Pervert.
    • Reduced the maximum hairstyles down to one for both genders. (the bald "hair")
    • Tons of improvements to the various regions of the world in order to have more distinct regions.
  • Region Specific Changes
    • Rune-Midgards Region
      • All master storages are now shared. When using the Kafra, simply enter the character's name with the storage you'd like to access.
      • Account storages are now capped at 10 items to encourage use of master storage.
      • NPC shops no longer exist. Instead, each player is allotted 30 red potions, 5 blue potions, and 10 fly wings per day.
      • Players no longer earn Zeny when selling items to an NPC.
        • Note: Zeny is instead placed into a server-wide pot for each player to collect a portion of the server-wide Zeny earnings of the day.
      • When joining a party, each player will have a Max HP equal to the total HP of all party members / number of party members.
        • Note: you no longer need to be invited to a party. Right click on a player's name to join their party without question.
      • Added a vending tax. Taxes are based on the value of the item being sold. Brackets are as follows:
        • 10% tax on 1z ~ 1,000z 
        • 20% tax on 1,000z ~ 10,000z
        • 30% tax on 10,000z ~ 100,000z
        • +10% per additional 100,000z cost up to 95% tax rate
    • Schwarzwald Republic Region
      • Experience rates in this region are drastically reduced to a maximum of 1,000 EXP / hour regardless of monster.
        • Note: There are now level 99 pseudo-characters wandering the region so you can see what a level 99 aura looks to provide dreams for the low level players.
      • Entering this region requires a commitment to 10 hours per day of leveling. If you finish leveling early, please continue killing monsters regardless until your 10 hour shift is over.
      • Merged all shop NPCs in the region into one centralized Rekenber Corp. dealer. (with heavily discounted items!)
        • Rekenber Corp. dealers can be found in every 20x20 section of every map to ensure easy access.
      • Guilds are disabled in this region. Creating a guild or even talks of creating a guild in this region will results in removal of the player from the region.


EDIT: April Fool's!

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