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Changelog 03/26/2021 - [Expanded Super Novice]

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  • Additions
    • Added additional Falcon Breeder to Izlude (55, 154).
    • Added Expanded Super Novice Job
      • Location to change jobs: Windmill building in the southwest region of the map (aldebaran 116, 63). Talk to Esseray inside the building.
      • Expanded Super Novice is a pseudo-3rd job class in that for most purposes, it is treated as a 3rd job class and is intended to be able to participate in higher-level areas (i.e. not just a gimmick job class), but it does have a few quirks/differences as one would expect with this job branch.
        • Max Base Level: 99 (same as other 3rd job classes)
        • Max Job Level: 50 (same as other 3rd job classes)
          • +5 bonus skill points on job change (same as other 3rd job classes)
          • Difference: Expansion Super Novice gains +2 skill points per job level!
        • Base and Job EXP curves are the same as other 3rd job classes.
          • Note: Super Novice (non-expansion) is now on the "new" Base EXP table that applies to most all job classes already.
        • At base level 70, Super Novice can equip all level 4 weapons in the following categories: Daggers, 1H Swords, 1H Axes, 1H Maces, 1H/2H Staff
        • At base level 80, Expanded Super Novice can equip all equipment that is normally listed as "All Jobs Except Novice"
        • At base level 90, Expanded Super Novice can equip all Shield, Helms, Armor, Garment, Shoes, and Accessories
      • The skill tree of Expanded Super Novice allows the player access to nearly all relevant 2nd job class skills, plus some exclusive new skills!
        • Difference: Expanded Super Novice's skill tree bypasses normal skill tree requirements for 2nd job class skills. (Example: Heaven's Drive does not have the pre-requisite skill of Earth Spike)
      • New Skills
        • Breakthrough (Passive / Max Lv. 5)
          • Description: Allows the super novice to break through their old limits.
          • Max HP: +500 * Skill Lv
          • Max SP: +100 * Skill Lv
          • ATK: +20 * Skill Lv
          • MATK: +40 * Skill Lv
        • Transcendence (Passive / Max Lv. 10)
          • Description: Extreme mental training skills that are reminiscent of someone who has been reborn.
          • Healing effectiveness (receiving and giving): +2% * Skill Lv
          • APM: +3% * Skill Lv
          • Cast Time: -25ms * Skill Lv
          • After-Cast Delay: -3% * Skill Lv
          • Note: Cast time reduction is a flat reduction that occurs after all other reductions that can potentially make some cast times instantaneous.
        • Novice's Fury (Active / Max Lv. 1)
          • Description: For the next 60 seconds, greatly increases critical rates and critical damage.
          • Critical Rate: + 30
          • Critical Damage: +50%
        • Angel Help Me (Active / Max Lv. 1)
          • Description: Calls upon the guardian angel to help those in need. Heals 5% HP & SP every second for 10 seconds to all party members in a 31x31 AoE. Cooldown of 60 seconds.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed all of the missing plagiarism and reproduce copyable skills.
      • Note: If you are not able to reproduce or plagiarize a skill in battle, do not assume it is or report it as a bug as not all skills can be copied. Instead, you can suggest allowing the skill to be copied in the #thief discussion channel.
    • Fixed Preserve (Rogue Skill) not persisting after logout.
    • Fixed Demon (Star Gladiator Skill) reducing flee and hit when it should not.
    • Fixed Fear Breeze (Sniper Skill) not procing small multi-hit chances.
    • Fixed Curing Touch (Champion Skill) not curing poison or blind statuses.
    • Fixed Acid Terror (Alchemist Skill) not consuming SP.
    • Fixed Call Homunculus (Alchemist Skill) not functioning at all.
    • Fixed Heal (Acolyte Skill) description not mentioning damaging demon enemies.
    • Fixed Fallen Empire (Champion Skill) damage calculations.
    • Fixed Siphoning Blades (Assassin Cross Skill) description mistakenly mentioning perfect dodge.
    • Fixed Siren's Call (Gypsy Skill) using the wrong emoticon.
    • Fixed Improvise Skill (Gypsy / Clown Skill) missing a few ninja skills as well as increasing the max level possible for improvised skills from 9 to 10.
      • Note: only the max level of the skill available can be cast. Example: you cannot cast level 10 water ball.
    • Fixed missing status icons for Humming, Drum on the Battlefield, Ring of Nibelungen, and Eternal Chaos.
    • Fixed encore status not re-calculating walk speed upon using a skill.
    • Fixed missing sound effects on Coluceo Heal and Divine Glyph.
    • Fixed Mirror Shield not being able to be equipped by Lord Knight.
    • Fixed Card Captor not resetting properly upon finding a card naturally.
    • Fixed homunculus not gaining a portion of the owner's experience.
    • Fixed poison bullets using the defunct poison element.
    • Fixed Einbroch not having proper BGM.
    • Fixed pseudo-warps from allowing the player to teleport directly on them. This should make it impossible to teleport directly onto any warp portal.
    • Fixed Taekwon classes with 50+ missions not gaining all skills and not being able to chain kicks properly.
    • Fixed Hunter job change test item requirements not matching quest window information.
    • Fixed server-side skill queues. It should now function in the same manner as before the client changed.
  • Changes
    • Changed Super Novice Job EXP table such that reaching job level 99 now occurs in the level 76~79 range depending on what monsters you hunt.
      • The intended goal here to have Expanded Super Novice job change occurring around the same time as normal 3rd job classes.
    • Super Novice (Non-Expansion) no longer has Precision, Vulture's Eye, and Signum Crucis skills in order to make room for more Expanded Super Novice skills.
      • Note: Improve Concentration now only requires Owl's Eye level 3 for Super Novice.
    • Infinite Fly Wing changes
      • No longer usable while sitting.
      • No longer consumed on maps where teleport is disallowed.
    • Time left on temporary kafra items (ex. premium dyes, infinite fly wing, etc.) are displayed on login.
    • Arc Angeling card no longer has a LUK requirement for the HP/SP restoration benefits.
    • Librarian Gloves are now able to be equipped by priest job classes.
    • Asgard Blessing level requirements removed.
    • Pick Up (Novice Skill) is now allowed in the berserk (Lord Knight Skill) status.
    • Quality Potion and Bomb Guide cost changed from 300,000z to 150,000z with the price now mentioned at the dealer.
    • Assassin Mask is now able to be equipped by all job classes, not just priest and assassin.
    • Magician's Hat now has 1 card slot.
    • Yoyo pet now eats Pet Food.
    • Gemini-S58 piercing attack skill level reduced.
    • Flame Tongue, Guitar Smash, and Longing for Freedom are no longer usable under Wand of Hermode.
    • Glittering Jacket is no longer able to be crafted into arrows or bullets.
    • Fear Breeze (Sniper Skill) now procs separately from double attack chances.
    • Kaafe (Soul Linker Skill) cast time reduced from 1000ms to 0ms.
    • Divine Punishment (Paladin Skill) SP scaling changed to 30 + 3 * Skill Lv.
    • Humming (Dancer Skill) now increases ranged damage in addition to increasing hit rate.
      • Ranged Damage: +(Skill Lv / 2) + (DEX / 10) + (Lessons Lv / 2)
    • Galion Card changed from Water -> Wind magical damage since Sropho Card already had the same effect.
    • Sropho Card magic damage to water increased from 5% to 7% to match Galion Card.
    • Arrow Vulcan (Clown / Gypsy Skill) ranged increased to 11 to match Musical Strike and Throw Arrow.
    • Legendary Helm now has +5 MDEF and +10% movement speed.

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