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Changelog 02/17/2021 - [Post New Client Bug Fixes / Pet Evolution]

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  • Additions
    • Added in evolution to the pet UI window.
    • Added in automatic pet feeding to all pet UI windows.
    • Added in new pet evolutions. Evolution can occur when a pet is loyal and the player has all item requirements.
      • Poring -> Mastering (10x Yggdrasil Leaf, 3x Unripe Apple)
      • Drops -> Eggring (20x Piece of Eggshell, 10x Old Frying Pan, 3x Apple Juice)
      • Drops -> Sweet Drops (50x Piece of Cake, 50x Candy, 50x Candy Cane, 1x Drops Card)
      • Lunatic -> Leaf Lunatic (100x Huge Leaf, 250x Clover, 3x Four-Leaf Clover)
      • Savage Babe -> Savage (10x Pet Food, 3x Sweet Milk, 100x Meat, 50x Feather)
      • Rocker -> Metaller (3x Singing Plant, 777x Grasshopper Leg, 200x Yellow Herb, 1x Metaller Card)
      • Peco Peco -> Grand Peco (10x Pet Food, 3x Fat Chubby Earthworm, 300x Peco Feather, 1x Pecopeco Card, 10x Mastela Fruit)
      • Yoyo -> Choco (3x Tropical Banana, 2x Yoyo Doll, 300x Cacao, 1x Yoyo Card)
      • Orc Warrior -> High Orc (3x Orc Trophy, 1x Orcish Sword, 500x Orcish Voucher, 1x Cigar, 1x Orc Warrior Card)
      • Dokebi -> Am Mut (3x Old Broom, 3x Violet Dyestuffs, 300x Dokebi Horn, 3x Gold)
      • Isis -> Little Isis (3x Armlet of Obedience, 6x 3carat Diamond, 1x Queens Hair Ornament, 300x Shining Scale)
      • Petite -> Deleter (3x Shining Stone, 100x Petite Tail, 150x Aloevera, 1x Deleter Card)
      • Deviruchi -> Diabolic (3x Contracts in Shadow, 250x Little Evil Wing, 3x Hand of God, 1x Deviruchi Card)
      • Bon Gun -> Hyegun (100x Munak Doll, 100x Old Portrait)
      • Alice -> Aliza (500x Alice's Apron, 200x Green Herb, 30x Elunium, 1x Alice Card)
      • Mastering -> Angeling (20x Yellow Potion, 1x Halo, 50x White Herb, 200x Jellopy)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed pet hunger rate dropping abnormally fast.
    • Fixed guild storages not opening.
      • Note: You must enable permission for guild storage access for guild member positions in the guild window.
    • Fixed a server crash regarding discord and lengthy messages. Messages will now fail to display at all if there are too long.
    • Fixed tombstones not spawning and not showing respawn times.
    • Fixed Steal (Thief Skill) not displaying proper messages if already stolen from.
    • Fixed Sanctuary (Priest Skill) healing monsters outside of PvP settings.
    • Fixed !aspd command missing for those that still use it.
    • Fixed Concentration (Lord Knight Skill) not reducing cast times of Brandish Spear and Bowling Bash.
    • Fixed A Whistle (Bard Skill) not having a status icon.
    • Fixed an issue with Finder's Fee (Merchant Skill) not properly happening in certain scenarios.
    • Fixed brewed potions not having a bonus healing over time effect.
    • Fixed Frost Nova (Wizard Skill) knockback direction.
    • Fixed Crimson Fire Formation (Ninja Skill) not having proper area of effect.
    • Fixed homunculus data not reflecting previous Asgard Legend changes.
    • Fixed Scavenger (Gunslinger Skill) not recovering bullets.
    • Fixed players not being able to sell character-bound items to NPC (note: price is still 0z for selling these items)
    • Fixed Inspiration (Paladin Skill) max HP bonus.
    • Fixed Exceed Break (Paladin Skill) giving an unintended attack bonus.
    • Fixed Coin Flip (Gunslinger Skill) not adding LUK.
    • Fixed Soul Destroyer and Sonic Blow (Assassin Skills) not having a damage multiplier if used from cloaking state.
    • Fixed Magnus Exorcismus (Priest Skill) not hitting all monsters.
    • Fixed B.S Sacramenti (Priest Skill) not being usable.
    • Fixed Triple Attack (Monk Skill) dealing 1 cell AoE damage when manually casted. It is not an AoE skill.
    • Fixed Mist Slash (Ninja Skill) not failing if player is already cloaked.
    • Fixed an issue where costume and character-bound items weren't weightless upon initially obtaining them.
    • Fixed some indoor maps not showing proper indoor camera angles.
    • Fixed unique inventory count not properly working up to 200 different items.
    • Fixed Gangster Paradise (Rouge Skill) not functioning.
    • Fixed missing mini-maps for indoor payon maps cause client crashes for some.
    • Fixed over-refined weapon damage calculations.
    • Fixed ammo unequipping when changing weapons.
    • Fixed missing Aura Blade (Lord Knight Skill) bonus attack.
    • Fixed Sense (Novice Skill) elemental damage display show incorrect calculations.
    • Fixed Gunslinger skill window allowing the player to raise skill beyond max level 5. (visual bug)
    • Fixed Gunslinger missing clothing colors.
    • Fixed Gunslinger not being able to equip bullets with grenade launcher.
    • Fixed grenade launcher's not using bullets as ammo.
    • Fixed Gunslinger mount showing incorrect sprites.
    • Fixed Recognize Spell (High Wizard Skill) not having the proper skill effects.
    • Fixed Gunslinger's skill descriptions regarding max level.
    • Fixed panacea, fly wing, and other items not being usable on some maps.
    • Fixed dead branches summoning unavailable monsters.
    • Fixed some backpacks showing up in front of the character at certain angles.
    • Fixed Coin Trick (Ninja Skill) not functioning.
    • Fixed mystery eggs in Izlude showing odd sprites other than eggs.
    • Fixed taekwon skills overlapping novice skills.
    • Fixed shinobi card still requiring player be near a wall to proc for non-assassin, non-ninja classes, when the card should avoid this check.
    • Fixed Run (Taekwon Skill) using an outdated version of the skill.
    • Fixed Provoke (Swordsman Skill) making monsters passive after 7 seconds. Note: forced-follow is only guaranteed for 7 seconds, but the monster may change targets after the 7 seconds expires.
    • Fixed job change tests not displaying waiting rooms for sage, assassin, knight, and crusader.
    • Fixed Union (Star Gladiator Skill) not being castable.
    • Fixed Comfort skills (Star Gladiator Skills) not being castable.
    • Fixed damage calculations for Clashing Spiral (Lord Knight Skill).
    • Fixed missing cast time increase for Brandish Spear (Knight Skill) in PvP settings.
    • Fixed damage calculations for Final Strike (Ninja Skill).
  • Changes
    • Blessing and Increase AGI from leveling up now lasts for 3 minutes and no longer overrides existing blessing or increase agi statuses.
    • Description of Moon Slasher (Paladin Skill) changed to be more clear in separating the skill's damage from it's bonus damage to other skills.
    • Changed Mortenz pet evolution dialogue since it is no longer handled through the NPC.
    • Pick Up (Novice Skill) is now allowed during a performance.

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