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New Client Released

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New Client
After quite some time of waiting, our new client is finally here! Since it has been a while of waiting, here is a quick refresher on what’s been going on. Our project, being roughly five years old at this point, was severely outdated. While we could support third job classes, we could not support all of them. In order to add this eventual support, we were required to do a major overhaul of our server’s code which was far from an easy task. However, the benefits are numerous.

First, and most importantly, Asgard Legend will now be able to continue progressing as planned with the eventual addition of 3-2 job classes and 3-e job classes. Secondly, we are also able to benefit from all of the improvements made to the client over the years alongside some of our own improvements. One of our main goals is to provide a revitalized, or modernized, experience of Ragnarok Online and a newer client is a big step towards that goal.

Over the course of this large backend change, we have tried to maintain all aspects of Asgard Legend that players know and love, but it is very likely that you will find some bugs or features that seem to be working incorrectly. Please be sure to report bugs on discord so they can be addressed promptly!

New Features
Changing our backend to allow for new job classes also comes with quite a few new features that help further our aim of modernizing Ragnarok Online. Check them out below!

New Mail System

New Party Window UI and Functionalities

Item-to-Chat Linking (returning feature)

Equipment Swap Function

New, Simplified Quest Window UI

New Kafra Shop UI

Light Pillars on Equipment Drops (color based on rarity)

Misc. Changes
  • Improved Blind Status
  • Improved Walk Delays
  • Favorite Items Locked from NPC Selling
  • Automatic Feeding
  • Mouse Cursor Updates to show unwalkable cells
  • Recruit Job Class Removed (Gunslinger Job Lv. -> 70)
  • Apprentice Job Class Removed (Ninja Job Lv. -> 70)
  • Multi-Channel Discord Bot (send messages to #discussion, #lfg, and #trading!)
  • Increased Unique Item Capacity (prev. capped at 100)
  • And many more!

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