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Changelog - Episode 5: Einbroch

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  • Additions
    • Added new parameter for !memo. Now accepts "!memo clear" to wipe all memory locations.
    • Added in Einbroch, Einbech, surrounding fields, and Einbroch Dungeon.
      • Note: As customary with new content, monster information via the website will not be available immediately.
    • Added Rachel Field 3, Rachel Field 9, Lighthalzen Field 2, and Lighthalzen Field 3
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Camouflage (Sniper Skill) Vit-DEF continuously decreasing and not being capped.
    • Fixed Atlas Weapon (1175) not applying item effects.
    • Fixed bonuses that are normally applied when knocking target into a wall not applying to boss-status monsters.
    • Fixed normal attacks not removing lex aeterna status.
    • Fixed Tibalang Egg not existing in the item database causing Tikbalang Harness to generate apples.
    • Fixed shield spells being dispelled on devotion targets when the devotion target adds or removes a shield.
    • Fixed !trackexp not properly deducting from the tracker upon player death.
    • Fixed an outcome of Special Pharmacy (Creator Skill) that would result in a failed attempt.
    • Fixed Strong Shield (2125) item description regarding job classes.
    • Fixed Cast-off Cicada Shell (Apprentice Skill) slide effect being negated by Strong Shield. It should now behave the same as Backslide (Thief), Feint Bomb (Stalker), and other skills where the caster slides back. None of these should be affected by Strong Shield.
  • Changes
    • Elemental Table (Shadow vs Neutral 1, Neutral 2, and Neutral 3) changed to the following 100%, 100%, and 125% respectively.
    • Increased the Crystal Arrow and Frozen Arrow yield when crafting arrows with Glacial Heart.
    • Cart Tornado (Creator Skill) AoE size increased from 5x5 to 7x7.
    • Camouflage (Sniper Skill) initial SP cost decreased from 40 SP to 20 SP.
    • Camouflage (Sniper Skill) SP consumption while active changed from (15 - Skill Lv) to (7 - Skill Lv) per 500ms
    • Soul Destroyer (Assassin Cross Skill) base damage increased from 50% per skill level to 90% per skill level. Effects of EDP on Soul Destroyer reduced slightly.
    • Soul Destroyer (Assassin Cross Skill) now gains +33% damage if used from the cloaking state.
    • Full Adrenaline Rush (Blacksmith Skill) no longer dispels the status when changing weapons or shields.
    • Infernal Strings (Clown Skill) range increased from 5 to 7 cells.
    • Hill Wind (1680) MDEF reduced slightly.
    • Increased EXP for Hill Wind, Siroma, Ice Titan, and Gazeti.
    • Atroce (1785) EXP increased from 25m to 55m to account for the number of players required to kill it.
    • Atroce (1785) Ring [1] replaced with Beast Necklace [1] (2781) at 75% drop rate.
    • Exceed Break (Paladin Skill) cast time is now uninterruptible. Cast time also reduced from 3.5s to 1.5s.
    • Rotten Meat (7564) renamed to Fermented Meat. Sell price increased.
    • Ulfhedinn (2531) effect changed to 1% chance per refine of increasing DEF and MDEF by +3 per refine for 6 seconds when receiving physical or magical damage.
    • Automatic login skill-checker now ignores plagiarized skills.

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