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Changelog 07/19/2020

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  • Additions
    • Added in a Summer Event.
      • Lasts until August 8th!
      • Speak to the Kokomo Rep in Izlude to relax at the beach or speak to the Summer Trade to make a fun hat!
    • Added in a marriage/divorce system.
      • Register with Happy Mary near the Master Tailor in the east building of Izlude. Same sex couples can register as either bride or groom.
        • Requirements: 1,500,000z each, a diamond ring, and wearing either a tuxedo (males) or wedding dress (females)
      • Weddings occur at one of four possible locations and others may type !wedding to attend the ceremony.
      • Divorces occur in the same building of Izlude in the next room over.
      • Note: adoption and baby classes are not available.
    • Added the following skills as reproducible for Stalker: Overbrand, Pressure, Ray of Genesis, Divine Punishment, Divine Glyph, Moon Slasher
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Palm Push Strike (Champion Skill) not always knocking targets backwards from the caster.
    • Fixed Clashing Spiral (Lord Knight Skill) description not mentioning the DEF ignoring aspect of the skill.
    • Fixed Clearance (High Priest Skill) not working on friendlies.
    • Fixed Enchant Deadly Poison (Assassin Cross Skill) duration. It should be 160s - 20s * Skill Lv
    • Fixed Lighting Walk (Champion Skill) description not mentioning spirit sphere consumption.
    • Fixed whitesmith's augmentation skills not allowing the selection of items that the whitesmith could otherwise not equip.
      • Note: If you have multiple of the same item name and cannot tell which weapon you are augmenting, simply store excess items in cart of kafra storage.
    • Fixed champion attack speed per weapon type not matching monk's.
    • Fixed Aerial Assault (Lord Knight Skill) not using weapon element.
    • Fixed Chain Crush Combo and Tiger Knuckle Fist (Champion Skills) not being usable after Fallen Empire.
    • Fixed 3rd job classes having more than intended bonus status points as bonus stat points are intended for prestige skills.
      • Note: If your character has more than the intended status points, your stats will be reset.
    • Fixed Coluceo Heal (High Priest Skill) AoE size not matching description.
    • Fixed Dark Illusion (Assassin Cross Skill) attack speed increase not being 3% per skill level.
    • Fixed Elemental Aura (Professor Skill) not providing proper effects for water and earth auras.
    • Fixed Berserk (Lord Knight Skill) not allowing the player to be healed via Heal.
  • Changes
    • Improvements made to the automatic build switcher in order to properly handle reproduced and plagiarized skills.
      • Note: all build swapping save data has been wiped with the advent of 3rd job classes.
    • Changes to unstable weapon modifications:
      • Previously, the value of the modification was calculated on a per-slot basis; example: (4~8) + (4~8) + (4~8) + (4~8)
      • Now, the value of the modification is calculated as a whole; example: (4~8) * 4
      • This should result in stronger unstable weapons in most cases as the chance is no longer on a per-slot basis.
    • Increased the base HP values of the following classes: Wizard, Bard/Dancer, and Rogue. This also affect's their 3rd job counterparts.
    • Changes to Cast Time and After-Cast Delay.
      • Cast Time Formula = Time * (20/(20+DEX))
      • After-Cast Delay = Time * (100/(100+INT))
      • Note 1: Instant cast is no longer possible with the above formula, though cast times can still be heavily reduced.
      • Note 2: In measuring general skill reuse time, almost every single skill, especially magic skills, are is more reusable without considering statuses like Blessing or Poem of Bragi. This is to decrease the reliance on Bragi/Blessing for achieving decent DPS.
      • Note 3: In measuring general skill reuse time, almost every single skill when used under Blessing + Poem of Bragi results in the same reuse times. This means that your overall max DPS in Bragi w/ Blessing should be unchanged.
    • Poem of Bragi (Bard Skill) changes to Cast Time and ACD effects
      • Cast Time Reduction = Skill Lv + (DEX / 15) + Lessons Lv
      • After-Cast Reduction = Skill Lv + (INT/ 10) + Lessons Lv
    • Sharp Shooting (Sniper Skill) after-cast delay changed from 1500ms to 1000ms
    • Bulls Eye (Recruit Skill) after-cast delay changed from 1500ms to 1000ms
    • Musical Strike and Throw Arrow (Bard/Dancer Skills) cast time changed from 1500ms to 0ms. After-cast delay changed from 0ms to 150ms.
    • Changed the way DEF from refining is added in order to promote higher refines and better separation of tank-type and non-tank-type classes as opposed to obtaining a high reduction earlier in the game and higher reductions as non-tank classes.
      • Light Armors now gain +0.25 DEF every refine with a bonus +1.5 DEF every refine over +4
      • Heavy Armors now gain +0.5 DEF every refine with a bonus +2.2 DEF every refine over +4
      • Note: If the majority of your gear is around +7 or above, this change will either not affect you or be an increase to DEF. If the majority of your gear is at +4, this will be a decrease in DEF.
    • Changes to the DEF armor modification when it occurs on Light armors.
      • Range reduced from 3~5 to 1~2 (with a 66% chance of being +2 DEF)
      • Retroactively adjusted light armors that already existed to be capped at +2 DEF if they contained the DEF armor modification.
    • Axe Tornado (Whitesmith Skill) now scales better at higher VIT: 200% + (Skill Lv * 100%) + ((VIT * VIT * 2 * Skill Lv)/100)
    • Offertorium (High Priest Skill) now increases damage of Holy Light based on the skill level used, up to 5x damage.
    • Soul Burn (Professor Skill) success rate when used on monsters changed to 18% * Skill Lv
    • Moon Slasher (Paladin Skill) pre-requisites changed to only require Magnum Break 5.
    • Explosive Satchel (Stalker Skill) bomb delay changed to be level dependent: 750ms + 250ms * Skill Lv
    • Reverted Steel Body (Monk Skill) MDEF formula back to a flat 90 MDEF regardless of users armors.

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