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Changelog 07/16/2020

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  • Additions
    • Added a visual (X emoticon) effect while Assumptio Block status is active.
    • Added a Tetra Vortex Spellbook to the spellbook shop.
    • Added Clashing Spiral (Lord Knight Skill) and Soul Breaker (Assassin Cross Skill) to the list of reproducible skills.
    • Added a message to the automatic build swapper to indicate the players build has been swapped.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed extended job class EXP table.
    • Fixed Sacrament, Canto Candidus, and Clementia (High Priest Skills) maximum level mismatch.
    • Fixed Loremaster (Professor Skill) pre-requisite skill requirements.
    • Fixed Stalker job class not getting a mount sprite with the Call Mount skill.
    • Fixed Bio Labs 3 not allowing entry at level 80+.
    • Fixed Release (High Wizard Skill) skill description.
    • Fixed Showmanship (Clown/Gypsy Skill) max level mismatch.
    • Fixed Finger Offensive (Monk Skill) not being capped at 7 hits when used with 7+ spirit spheres.
    • Fixed skill descriptions of Chain Crush Combo and Tiger Knuckle Fist (Champion Skills).
    • Fixed High Priest attack speed when wielding a knuckle weapon.
    • Fixed Gospel (Paladin Skill) not having any sound effects. The sound effect also fades similar to bard/dancer songs.
    • Fixed Gospel (Paladin Skill) not properly removing devotion status.
    • Fixed Moon Slasher (Paladin Skill) description mentioning a spear requirement.
    • Fixed Reading Spellbook (High Wizard Skill) not following spellbook level requirements.
    • Fixed Reading Spellbook (High Wizard Skill) skill description not mentioning that SP is drained every 10 seconds based on mind slots used and that reading a spell consumes a non-reducible SP cost of the spell stored.
    • Fixed Reading Spellbook (High Wizard Skill) consuming the spell's SP on both read and release when it should only be on read.
    • Fixed Fear Breeze (Sniper Skill) not mentioning the increased blitz beat damage.
    • Fixed Over Brand (Paladin Skill) not being cast-uninterruptible.
    • Fixed a server crash related to Stalker's Instinct.
    • Fixed Siphoning Blade (Assassin Cross Skill) and Bloody Lust (Stalker Skill) HP drain effects not working properly along HP drain items resulting in the skill effects working on AoE skills when they shouldn't.
  • Changes
    • Changed skill pre-requisites for Electric Walk and Fire Walk (Professor Skills). They now require Lv 1 Violent Gale and Lv 1 Volcano, respectively.
    • Changed Fury (Monk Skill) cooldown from 0 to 300ms to prevent accidentally triggering the effect twice in a row as a champion.
    • Changed Chain Crush Combo (Champion Skill) damage formula to (250% + (100% * Skill Lv)/2) + (AGI * (10 + Skill Lv))/10
      • Note: The overall damage before the AGI bonus should now be identical to Combo Finish, including the Iron Hands bonus, but not the Fury bonuses.
    • Changed Tiger Knuckle Fist (Champion Skill) damage formula to better scale with AGI. 
    • Changed cooldown on Gospel (Paladin Skill) from 0 to 5 seconds to prevent endlessly spamming the debuff removing aspect of the skill.
    • EXP Manuals obtained from the 3rd jobs reward NPCs are no longer able to be sold to NPCs.
    • High Heal (High Priest Skill) now has the same damaging effect as normal Heal when used offensively.
    • Inspiration (Paladin Skill) cooldown decreased from 30s to 5s. Duration increased from 180s to 240s.
    • Pinpoint Attack (Paladin Skill) after-cast delay reduced from 1s to 500ms.
    • Pinpoint Attack (Paladin Skill) now moves the caster one cell next to the target so that follow-up skills such as Cannon Spear are not used on the current cell.
    • Sight (Sniper Skill) duration increased from 30s to 60s.
    • Changed Violent Stab (Stalker Skill) weapon requirements to allow all weapon types; however, damage is 75% of normal if used with non-dagger weapons.
    • Quagmire (Wizard Skill) when used on monsters now has a full 5 second lingering movement speed penalty upon leaving the quagmire. Players and non-boss monsters still have other lingering effects as normal.
    • Mind Breaker (Professor Skill) pre-requisite skill requirements changed to only Magic Rod Lv 5.
    • Soul Burn (Professor Skill) pre-requisite skill requirements changed from Mind Breaker Lv 3 to Lv 1.
    • Windmill, Chain Crush Combo, Tiger Knuckle Fist, Fallen Empire, and Zen are now usable under the Steel Body status.
    • Steel Body (Monk Skill) now applies increased MDEF in the same manner as DEF: (+15% * Skill Lv) + 50
    • Changed Ray of Genesis (Paladin Skill) design and formula entirely. New formula is "(ATK + MATK) * (300 + 275 * Skill Lv) / 100".

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