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Third Jobs Classes on the Horizon

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As we come ever closer to releasing the first round of third job classes, I'd like to take the time to refresh all players on third job class information as well as explain how they will be implemented and what to expect. If you haven't seen the link yet, our progress on completing the third job classes can be tracked here: https://www.asgardle.../about/progress. You'll find a few F.A.Q there was well that may not be outlined in this post.
Third Job Class Overview
Currently, players are able to change job from Novice -> First Job Classes -> Second Job Class. Asgard Legend will not be following the rebirth system nor will we be increasing the maximum level beyond base level 99. Instead, we will continue the above trend with third job classes branching from second job classes.
As an example:
This means that Lord Knight and Rune Knight are expected to be roughly equal in terms of overall power and ability. In order to accomplish this, many months of planning, implementing, testing, and hard work have gone into the creation of third job classes at Asgard Legend. You can expect to find nothing like it anywhere else. You'll find tons of tweaks and improvements to existing skills as well as some new and exciting skills. Furthermore, we've stuck with our goal of retaining the original feel of these job classes as much as possible in order to retain that "official-like" feeling of Ragnarok Online that we all know and love.
If Asgard Legend isn't using the rebirth, or transcendence, system or increasing the maximum base level beyond level 99, then what's going on? This is probably the most asked question and the answer is simply a change to the existing base experience table. Asgard Legend will be utilizing a new, steeper curve for the base EXP table in order to allow proper progression from first to second job, second to third job, and third job until max level. Just as in the current system where the vast majority of your journey to max level is spent as a second job class rather than a novice or first job class, the new system will focus heavily on the majority of your journey being spent as a third job class. Additionally, Asgard Legend features a unique prestige skill system for characters that have reached the maximum base level of 99, but more information about this will come later. Below is a rough estimate on the amount of time spent in each job class on your journey to fully max-out a character.

  • Novice (5% of your journey)
  • First Job (10% of your journey)
  • Second Job (15% of your journey)
  • Third Job (~40% of your journey)
  • Prestige Skills, Post-Max Level (~30% of your journey)

Transitioning to the New EXP Table
Once the first wave of third job classes are released, nearly all job classes and existing characters will be placed on the EXP table with their level adjusted alongside compensatory, character-bound, Battle Manuals (+25% EXP for 30 minutes) and a unique hat based on job EXP earned at max level. Exceptions to this are novices and the "extended" first and second job classes: the recruit, apprentice and taekwon job branches.
Conversion and Rewards
Firstly, all characters above level 80 will be decreased to base level 80 as this marks the point at which a newly created character will be changing from 2nd to 3rd job classes. This will be done automatically upon first login with rewards requiring manual claims.
Battle Manuals (Character-Bound, +25% EXP for 30 minutes) Rewards (Level 81 ~ 99)

Level 81	2x Battle Manuals
Level 82	3x Battle Manuals
Level 83	4x Battle Manuals
Level 84	5x Battle Manuals
Level 85	6x Battle Manuals
Level 86	7x Battle Manuals
Level 87	8x Battle Manuals
Level 88	9x Battle Manuals
Level 89	10x Battle Manuals
Level 90	11x Battle Manuals
Level 91	12x Battle Manuals
Level 92	13x Battle Manuals
Level 93	14x Battle Manuals
Level 94	15x Battle Manuals
Level 95	16x Battle Manuals
Level 96	17x Battle Manuals
Level 97	18x Battle Manuals
Level 98	19x Battle Manuals
Level 99	20x Battle Manuals

Bonus Battle Manuals (based on job EXP for those characters that are base level 99)

150m Job EXP	1x Additional Battle Manual
300m Job EXP	2x Additional Battle Manuals
450m Job EXP	3x Additional Battle Manuals
600m Job EXP	4x Additional Battle Manuals
750m Job EXP	5x Additional Battle Manuals
900m Job EXP	6x Additional Battle Manuals

Unique Hat Rewards
These hats are awarded per master account and are tradeable. If you have at least one character on your master account that meets the criteria upon autoconversion, you are able to claim the reward listed. If you meet additional criteria, those rewards can be claimed as well. For example, a master account with a character that has 999,999,999 job EXP can claim all three rewards.

  • Tier 1 - At least one character at level 99 with 100,000,000 job EXP.
    • Choice of 1 of 2 costume hats: Dog Officer Hat (left) tier_1.pngor Artist's Hat (right)
  • Tier 2 - At least one character at level 99 with 500,000,000 job EXP.
    • Choice of 1 of 27 costume hats originally available only to the first beta testers of Asgard Legend. These can be previewed in-game before selection.
  • Tier 3 - At least one character at level 99 with 999,999,999 job EXP.
    • Costume Golden Majestic Goattier_3.png

Switching 3rd Job Classes Later
Since there is going to be a time gap between the release of the first and second branch of third job classes, there will be a one time only job class switch when the second half of third job classes are released. This means that if you are waiting for Rune Knight, feel free to job change to a Lord Knight in the meantime as later on you will be able to switch to Rune Knight (one time only) and retain your gained base levels. It should be noted that while base levels are retained in this one time job class switch, you will need to re-gain your job levels.
General Order of Release
First, it's important to keep in mind that this is a general order of release and not necessarily a hard timeline and that things may change as things come up both in-game and in real life. With that in mind, the following is a rough order in which things are to be accomplished/expected. There are likely to be many changes to third job classes after they are implemented and more thoroughly used by players. Expect there to be balancing updates in the future and again, this order is only a rough guide and may be subject to change.

  • Third job classes, 3-1, Completed (Goal is by July 4th)
  • Third job classes, 3-1, Implemented + Ice Dungeon and adjacent Rachel Fields
  • Rachel Town + Fields + Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon
  • Third job classes, 3-e (Recruit, Apprentice, and Taekwon branch 3rd jobs.)
  • Veins Town + Thor Volcano + Nameless Island
  • Third job classes, 3-2 Completed and Implemented (Royal Guard, Shadow Chaser, Warlock, etc.)


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May I suggest you re advertise on RMS displaying all the new features we are going to see? Also you should send a email to registered people also. This does not break GDPR.
Would have to be a VERY attractive advert if you want it to stand out from the servers that advertise daily, they make zero effort and hardly use any images/ videos to showcase.

It would feel like a wasted opportunity to holster and bring back old players, especially from launch. 

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