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Changelog 05/30/2020

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  • Additions
    • Added a progress page to view our progress towards 3rd job classes.
    • Added a server-side skill queue system (see skill delay changes).
    • Added proper WoE participation time tracking and rewards.
      • Every second spent inside of a WoE castle while WoE is active is now tracked regardless of entering prior to WoE starting or not.
      • Participation time is combined for the player's entire master account once the character leaves the castle.
      • Rewards can be obtained by speaking with Old Guy Gregor (prt_gld 167, 81)
        • 1 Elunium and 1 Oridecon per 2 minutes of participation. (Master Account Bound an up to 10 Elu/Ori max)
      • Claiming rewards resets your participation time and places a 6 day master account cooldown on claiming rewards.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an error in critical hit calculations involving katars.
    • Fixed item-based ASPD bonuses incorrectly giving much higher values.
    • Fixed Coin Trick (Apprentice Skill) being usable to bypass barricades in WoE.
    • Fixed Back Stab (Rogue Skill) being usable on targets on or behind unreachable cells to bypass unwalkable cells (e.x. barricades).
    • Fixed a few more AoE spells from occuring with reflected damage (Magnus Exorcismus and Meteor Storm) as AoE skills should not autospell when hit.
    • Fixed Enchant Poison and sage's endows being usable on monsters.
  • Changes
    • Skill delay changes
      • Removed the minimum skill delay of 150ms that was placed on initial skill usage.
      • Added a forced attack speed based delay to prevent skills from being spammed faster than attack speed.
        • Spamming skills (with a cast time) faster than this delay will result in the skill being queue'd and re-cast once the delay ends.
      • Goals of the system
        • Homogenize DPS for high and low latency players.
        • Fluid casting for cast-dependent classes.
        • Protection against speed-based cheats.
    • Krasnaya [3] (1189) weight reduced to 100.
    • Call Mount (Novice Skill) is now blocked on prt_gld.
    • Shadow Slash (Ninja Skill) is now usable in WoE, but cannot be used on targets that would otherwise be unreachable by normal means.
    • Alchemist plant and sphere summons are now considered demi-human.
    • Skills that ignore the elemental table (non-elemental) are now reduced by neutral resistance.
    • Changed the "backwards" portal near the second set of barricades to only be usable by castle owners to prevent attackers from being warped backwards.
    • Emergency Call (Guild Skill) now recalls guild members to the same cell as the caster to avoid calling guild members behind barricades.


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