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Changelog 02/03/2020

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  • Additions
    • Added in Shadow and Holy Elemental Converters to various monster drops.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Cast-off Ciceda Shell (Ninja Skill) incorrect skill tree requirements.
    • Fixed Zephyr Strike (Ninja Skill) skill description related to max level of the skill.
    • Fixed the hidden/inherent flee and hit bonus pertaining to the removal of stat bonuses on blessing / increase agility statuses.
    • Fixed shadow element armors not preventing stone curse.
    • Fixed Enchant Poison (Assassin Skill) not properly applying increased damage as well as correcting the skill description.
    • Fixed Hypnotist not properly resetting apprentice and ninja job classes.
    • Fixed the Sense skill still showing up in the Wizard and Sage skill window for 2nd job when Sense is a Novice skill now.
    • Fixed the DEF inversion formula for Ice Pick, Thanatos Card, and Investigate.
    • Fixed cloaking as an assassin not lasting until SP runs.
    • Fixed the blacksmith job change quest window description for the location of Bismarc. Bismarc is located in Izlude.
    • Fixed Lif's Touch of Heal only displaying the numbers, but not actually restoring HP.
  • Changes
    • Slight adjustments to the elemental table based on feedback
      • Updated table
      • Holy Targets
        • Neutral vs Holy 1 = 75%
        • Neutral vs Holy 2 = 50%
        • Neutral vs Holy 3 = 0%
      • Shadow Targets
        • Neutral vs Shadow 1 = 100%
        • Neutral vs Shadow 2 = 100%
        • Neutral vs Shadow 3 = 75%
      • Neutral Targets
        • Holy vs Neutral 1 = 100%
        • Holy vs Neutral 2 = 100%
        • Holy vs Neutral 3 = 75%
    • Increased idle timer pertaining to auto-refresh skills to 35 seconds before the caster is considered inactive.
    • Changed Sense (Novice Skill) SP consumption from 10 to 1.
    • Acid Terror (Alchemist Skill) is now "Element Immune: It is no longer reduced or benefited from element-related damage adjustments."
    • Hammer Fall (Blacksmith Skill) is now "Element Immune: It is no longer reduced or benefited from element-related damage adjustments."
    • Updated monster DEF and MDEF values to allow monsters to feel nearly identical to their previous DEF and MDEF reductions.
      • Example: a monster with 25 DEF (25% reduction) before the change now has 15 DEF (25% reduction)
    • Investigate (Monk Skill) now takes weapon element into consideration.
    • Spear Quicken (Crusader Skill)
      • Now re-calculates appropriate benefits when switching between 1H and 2H spears.
      • Now adds +1 flee per skill level for 1H spears, and +2 flee per skill level for 2H spears.
      • Now adds +1 critical per skill level for 1H spears, and +3 critical per skill level for 2H spears.
    • Two-Hand Quicken (Knight Skill)
      • Now adds +2 flee per skill level for 2H swords
      • Now adds +3 critical per skill level for 2H swords
    • Adrenaline Rush (Blacksmith Skill)
      • Now adds +6 critical per skill level for 2H axe
    • Volcano, Deluge, and Violent Gale (Sage Skills) skill-specific cooldown decreased.
      • Old: 2000ms, 3000ms, 4000ms, 5000ms, 6000ms
      • New: 1000ms, 1500ms, 2000ms, 2500ms, 3000ms
    • Gloria (Priest Skill) is now auto-refresh enabled with a constant duration of 30 seconds at all skill levels.
      • LUK Bonus is now +6 * Skill Lv
    • Focus Spell (Sage Skill) duration and skill-specific cooldown decreased to 30 seconds.
    • Evil Land (NPC Skill) now ignores targets with the shadow element.
    • Heal (Acolyte Skill) can now offensively be used on demon race monsters.
    • Parcel Hat (5023) can now be worn by all job classes.
    • Heart Breaker (1376) Hammerfall auto-cast can now occur when worn by blacksmith or alchemist.
    • Increased duration of the various elemental converter items to 5 minutes.
    • Tengu no longer drops the less-slotted version of Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken.

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