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Changelog - Episode 3: Hugel

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  • Additions
    • Added in the Airship system with two options of travel: First Class and Normal.
      • Normal airship travel is free and follows the following route:
        • Izlude -> Hugel -> Izlude -> Yuno -> Hugel -> Lighthalzen -> Repeat
      • First Class travel is 1,000z and warps the player directly to their desired destination, bypassing the wait.
    • Added in Hugel and surrounding area.
      • Hugel Fields - Contains an all new monster lurking about!
      • Abyss Lake - Features the MvP Hydrolancer and the MvP Detardeurus
      • Odin's Temple - Features the mini-boss Valkyrie and the MvP Valkyrie Randgris.
      • Note: As with all new content, it is reminiscent of vanilla RO, but there are always key differences with regards to monster stats, skills, items, etc. Be sure to explore the area!
    • Added in a few easter eggs.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a few various job class names that were incorrectly specific to gender.
    • Fixed the instance warp of the Academy Board not properly checking party existence first.
    • Fixed Demon Pungus name. It's now Demon Fungus.
    • Fixed Hallucination status resistance not properly being applied by Afro Hat and Red Novus Card.

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