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Changelog 10/05/2019

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  • Additions
    • Added in Geffenia
      • Consumes a Lucifer's Lament to open the portal at the Geffen Fountain.
      • Lucifer's Lament can be obtained by Dark Priest at the lowest level of Geffen Dungeon.
      • Note: like other content on Asgard Legend, do not expect content to be 100% identical to the original pre-RE RO.
    • Added the colored gemstones to all Tool Dealers. Red and Yellow Gemstone are sold at the equivalent of their gemstone conversion rates.
      • Blue Gemstone 420z
      • Red Gemstone 840z
      • Yellow Gemstone 1680z
    • Added in the new healing mechanics to a select few items. All healing items will eventually be on this system.
      • Removed all (A) potions from tool dealers as previous (A) potions are the same as their respective non-(A) versions.
      • Meat (A) -> Meat (517)
      • Fresh Fish (A) -> Fresh Fish (579)
      • Red Potion (A) -> Red Potion (501)
      • Orange Potion (A) ->Orange Potion (502)
      • Yellow Potion (A) ->Yellow Potion (503)
      • White Potion (A) ->White Potion (504)
    • Added in brewed potions additional effects. This applies to all brewed potions, not only ranked alchemist's potions.
      • Additional HP = (HP Recovered Via Potion) / 2
      • Additional HP is restored in increments at 500ms intervals over the course of the 2 second item use delay.
    • Added Sepulchral Merchant. Sells Venom Knife at the assassin guild.
    • Added a "Useful for crafting." label to Worn Out Scroll as it is now worthwhile to save.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Angeling respawn timer on yuno_fild03 and xmas_dun01 to match the rest of Angeling spawns.
    • Fixed a bug in which statuses that affect DEF, VIT-type DEF, MDEF, and INT-type MDEF were being calculated twice making those status effects work significantly different than intended.
      • As compensation, a few skills were balanced around this fix.
      • Iron Defense and Angelus still stack additively when the player has both statuses.
        • Iron Defense (Swordsman Skill) VIT-type DEF increased from 50% to 175% at max level.
        • Angelus (Acolyte Skill) VIT-type DEF increased from 100% to 300% at max level.
    • Fixed Venom Splasher (Assassin Skill) mistakenly causing critical wounds.
    • Fixed Kaiwu, Life Herb, and other healing-over-time statuses having negative duration when the player relogs.
    • Fixed the client crashing when pressing "view" upon reading the description of Star Dust.
    • Fixed Call Mount being usable in anthell01 and anthell02
    • Fixed Remover Hat [1] not being refinable when it should be.
  • Changes
    • Sphere Mine (Alchemist Skill) detonation range changed from requiring the alchemist to be within 2 cells away to requiring within 9 cells.
    • Auto-spell cards and items now stack together. Example: multiple injustice cards will provide additional chance of casting sonic blow.
    • Venom Splasher (Assassin Skill) no longer causes poison status.
    • Removed respawn timer from 50 of the Isis on moc_rypd04. The other 15 retain a 1~5 minute respawn timer.
    • Backstab (Rogue Skill) no longer has Coin Sap as a prerequisite. It now only requires Snatcher level 4.
    • Poison Status now reduces VIT-type DEF to 0.
    • Strip Weapon, Strip Armor, Strip Helm, Strip Shield (Rogue Skill) changes
      • Formula for success rate changed to the following
        • Vs. Players = (Skill Lv * 10) + (Self DEX - Target DEX * 5 / 3) / 5
        • Vs. Monsters= (Skill Lv * 15) + (Self DEX - Target DEX * 5 / 3) / 5
        • Minimum success rate is 10%
        • Maximum success rate is 40%
      • Duration is now a flat duration and no longer dependent on the difference between self and target DEX.
        • For each skill level (Level 1~5) respectively: 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 seconds
        • Duration is tripled when used on non-player targets.
      • Cast time and after cast delay remain at 1000ms each.
        • Note: cast time can be reduced by stats and statuses, after cast delay cannot.
      • New animation added if rogue's strip skill is successful, but the target has the appropriate chemical protection status counter.
        • Instead of stripping the equipment, the target's chemical protection duration is reduced by 90%.
    • Acid Terror (Alchemist Skill) and Demonstration (Alchemist Skill)
      • Now strips equipment at a rate of (1% * Skill Lv) instead of completely breaking it.
      • Duration of stripped status is 5000ms regardless of skill level used.
      • Notes:
        • The appropriate chemical protection status provides complete immunity to potential stripping by either skill.
        • Unlike rogue's stripping skills, Acid Terror and Demonstration do not reduce the target's chemical protection duration.
    • The random armor modification "Indestructible" has been changed to "Indestructible and Unstrippable"
    • Preserve (Rogue Skill) is no longer removed on death.
    • Cursed Tomahawk (Merchant Skill) no longer causes curse status when used at level 1.
    • Sphere Mine (Alchemist Skill) now takes only takes 1 damage when hit.
    • Item Changes
      • Krasnaya [3] (1189) - Base ATK is now 100. If STR >= 95, ATK +120
      • Majestic Evil Horns [0] (5584) - Now has 5 DEF with a 3% chance at 5% damage as HP absorption and 3% for 3% damage as SP absorption.
      • Rideword Hat [0] (5208) - Now has 5 DEF with a 3% chance at 15% damage as HP absorption and 3% for 1% damage as SP absorption.
    • Monster Changes
      • Drake (1112) - Krasnaya [3] (1189) increased from 1% -> 5%
      • Drake (1112) - Cutlus [0] (1135) increased from 4% -> 5%
      • Drake (1112) - Haedonggum [2] (1128) increased from 4% -> 5%
    • WoE Changes
      • The build auto-switcher now automatically re-equips equipment when changing builds. This should also help fix the graphical error of
        missing skills."
      • Selecting "Approach guild castle" at the guild flag in Izlude places the player closer to the functional NPCs.
      • Added a Build Manager to the main cluster of NPCs on map prt_gld.
      • Added a Rental Agent to the main cluster of NPCs on map prt_gld.
      • Added a Teleporter to return to Izlude to the main cluster of NPCs on map prt_gld.
      • Guild treasure chests are now default of 1 chest with 1 additional chest every 5 investment.
      • Food buffs (example: STR+1) are no longer dispelled on death.
      • Removed Barricade #5 from the first set of barricades as it was unnecessary.
      • Repairing a barricade now removes cloaking and hiding statuses.
      • Repair Stones no longer have a dialogue prompt when clicked on by anyone other than the guild leader that owns the castle.
      • Barricades now properly belong to the castle owner and can only be attacked by enemies.
      • Barricades now properly respawn when the castle owner has changed.
      • Coma on GvG and BG maps drains 50% of current HP rather than leaving the target at 1 HP

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