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Changelog 09/28/2019

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  • Additions
    • Added War of Emperium which automatically starts at 13:00 Server Time on Saturdays.
      • Note: upon entering prt_gld or prtg_cas01 (GvG related maps) your character will be stripped of equipment and automatically switched to your BG/GvG build.
      • Added a Kafra and Inn Staff near the middle of prt_gld to provide saving and healing without switching builds.
      • Global Reductions (In GvG Only)
        • Regular melee attacks: 100% of normal damage (i.e. auto-attacking with a sword)
        • Long-range regular attacks: 90% of normal damage (i.e. auto-attacking with a bow weapon)
        • All skill attacks: 70% of normal damage (Sonic Blow, Double Strafe, Mammonite, Asura, etc.)
        • Misc skill attacks: 70% of normal damage (Claymore Trap, Throw Stone, Blitz Beat, Beast Strafing, Pang Voice, Wink of Charm)
        • Magic skill attacks: 60% of normal damage (Cold Bolt, Storm Gust, etc.)
        • Flee Penalty: 20%
      • Disabled Skills (In GvG Only)
        • Pick Up
        • Call Mount
        • High Jump
        • Kaite
        • Teleport
        • Warp
        • Ice Wall
        • Backslide
        • Intimidate
      • Changed Skills (In GvG Only)
        • Bowling Bash - Area Reduced to 3x3 on WoE maps.
        • Acid Terror - Damage reduced by 40%
        • Asura Strike - Damage reduced by 40%
      • Rewards (per treasure chest)
        • 10 Elunium, 10 Oridecon, and 10 Randomized Ores for the level 4 weapons quest.
        • 2~4 Assorted Armors.
    • Added a "pause" function to the !trackexp command. Type !trackexp pause again to resume tracking.
    • Added hours, minutes, and seconds to the !trackexp command display.
    • Added in a temporary theme for Izlude.
    • Added a self-chat message upon entering maps with MvPs on them. This only occurs on map change and does not occur when teleporting or logging in as no map change has occurred.
      • If the MvP is alive, no message is displayed.
      • If the MvP is dead, you will get the following message with respawn times, "The MvP has been slain. The map is safe for another X hour(s) and Y minute(s)."
    • Added new !commands.
      • !monsterinfo - displays individual monster stats and drops
      • !whereis - displays monster spawn locations and quantities
      • !whodrops - displays monster names and rates of the monsters that drop an item.
    • Added a minimum cool down (individual per skill) of 200ms. This means that the absolute maximum number of any given attack skill use per second is 5.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Invulnerable Siegfried making plants become sentient and follow their alchemist master.
    • Fixed Gangster's Paradise still applying if the player is vending or buying.
    • Fixed Crab Nipper Hairpin autospell rate.
    • Fixed refiner not properly checking for bound items.
    • Cleaned up clan territory checks to check less often, hopefully resulting in less server utilization.
    • Temporarily disabled monster memory tracking to see if less server utilization clears up lag.
    • Fixed Peco Ears and Whisper Mask having trade restrictions.
    • Fixed a bug with the build auto-switcher for Battlegrounds/WoE that would incorrectly calculate skill points.
    • Fixed Star Gladiator job EXP using the incorrect job EXP table.
  • Changes
    • Bio Labs Dungeon 2 monsters will now target the player with skills with requiring being hit.
    • Poem of Bragi (Bard Skill) no longer stacks additively with item bonuses, but stacks multiplicatively alongside other statuses like Suffragium.
    • Kaahi (Soul Linker Skill) changes.
      • Base duration reduced from 360 seconds to 20 seconds.
      • SP drain changed from 1 to 1 * Skill Lv.
      • SP drain now drains SP from the caster rather than target. If the skill cannot drain SP from the caster for any reason, the status cancels.
      • HP recovered now calculated based on caster's INT, caster's base level, and skill level used.
      • HP recovered now affected by critical wounds and other modifiers.
    • Kaiwu (Soul Linker Skill) is now affected by critical wounds on each proc rather than only at the beginning of the cast.
    • Item Finding (Novice Skill) changed to allow the player to better identify items at various drop rates.
      • Input 1 to 2500 (equivalent of 0.01% to 25.00%) to have a special effect displayed when an item equal to or lower than this value is dropped.
      • Input 0 to remove item finding.
    • Element table changes
      • Holy attacks vs Holy 1 property damage increased from 0% to 25%.
      • Neutral attacks vs Ghost 1 property damage increased from 25% to 50%.
    • Leib Olmai (prt_maze02) spawn timer removed.
    • Zealotus no longer can spawn in the clan dungeon.
    • Beast Strafing (Hunter Skill) now ignores target flee.
    • Penomena (alde_dun03) no longer have spawn timers for the Penomena that can spawn anywhere on the map. Penomena that spawn in key areas of the maze retain spawn timers.
    •  Penomena (alde_dun03) that spawn in key areas of the maze have their spawn timer reduced from 10~15 minutes to 5~10 minutes.
    • Deviling, Ghostring, and Angeling spawn timers across all maps reduced from 50~60 minutes to 20~25 minutes.
      • Deviling now spawns on pay_fild04, gef_dun01, and yuno_fild05.
      • Ghostring now spawns on pay_fild04, treasure02, and alde_dun03
      • Angeling continues to spawn on pay_fild04, yuno_fild03, and xmas_dun01
    • Arc Angeling no longer drops turquoise.
    • Arc Angeling spawn timer removed with drop rates adjusted.
    • Am Mut is now boss status.
    • Am Mut now drops turquoise at 35%.
    • Over-refined weapon (refinement of +5 and above) damage is no longer a random addition and is instead a flat additional damage from over-refines.
    • Base max MATK is now calculated via INT + (INT/6) * (INT/6). Previously it was via INT + (INT/5) * (INT/5).
      • Note: Base min MATK is unchanged and is still calculated via INT + (INT/7) * (INT/7).
    • Weapon refine bonuses (both base refine and over-refines) are directly added to both min and max MATK.
    • Sphere Mine (Alchemist Skill) changes
      • Cast time has been increased from 0s to 1s (uninterruptible)
      • Self-Destruct cast time reduced from 3s to 2s.
      • Additional HP from player's VIT now scales with the player's base level.
      • Additional HP from player's VIT reduced.
      • Reduced the maximim number of spheres out at one time from 3 to 2.


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