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Changelog 07/14/2019

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  • Additions
    • Added in a new item bonus "bShortAtkRate" which applies damage similar to bonus "bLongAtkRate" except for short-range attacks only.
    • Added the Thanatos Tower Instance.
      • Once you have entered the map "thana_boss" via the 12th floor, an NPC named Thanatos will allow you to challenge him.
        • The time limit is 2 hours to defeat Thanatos.
        • After this time limit expires, the associated master account will have a 20 hour delay before being able to participate in another Thanatos instance regardless of the instance creator.
      • The party, or player, will need to use fragments of Agony, Misery, Despair, and Hatred as usual on each of the spirits to summon Thanatos.
      • After defeating Thanatos, a portal will appear to exit the instance and return the player to the base of the tower.
    • Added Whip of Balance [3] @ 0.35% to Lady Solace (Mob 1703)
    • Added Novice Shoes [1] (2416) @ 0.55% to Flora (1118)
    • Added Novice Shield [1] (2113) @ 0.35% to Ambernite (1094)
    • Added Novice Manteau [1] (2512) @ 0.55% to Mantis (1139)
    • Added Novice Breastplate [1] (2340) @ 0.45% to Horn (1128)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed skill descriptions for Envenom, Holy Light, Kaahi, and Kaiwu to reflect correct formulas and functions.
    • Fixed the poor English when an item fails to refine and is reset to +0. Changed "Is now refining the value lowered." to "Refinement level reduced."
  • Changes
    • Pirate Skeleton Card is now equipped to weapon slots and has the following effect: "Increases short range physical attacks by 10%." The prefix for this card has been changed from "Cash" to "Sharp"
    • Elder Card has been changed to the following effect: "Increases damage on Neutral property enemies by 20%." The prefix for this card has been changed from "Invade" to "Invasive."
    • Inns now heal four times as fast.
    • Champion Monster adjustments (not relative to previous champion monsters, but relative to the non-champion version of the monster)
      • All champion monsters base values of 5x HP, 10x EXP, 5x item drops, 2x card drops compared to normal monsters.
      • Swift - +25% ATK, +50% AGI, +20% ASPD
      • Solid - +25% ATK, +25% DEF, +100% HP, +100% EXP
      • Ringleader - +75% ATK and summons slaves
      • Furious - +100% ATK, +100% DEX
      • Elusive - +25% ATK, +100% AGI, and frequently teleports
    • Steal (Thief Skill) is now able to steal item drops from all positions instead of just the first 7 item drops. Note: this means that stealing cards is technically possible, albeit a low chance.
    • Forging 1H Spear Requirements
      • Javelin - 6 Steel
      • Spear - 1 Oridecon, 12 Steel
    • Estun and Estin (Soul Linker) can now deal damage versus large monster sizes.
  • Clan Changes
    • The number of clans has been reduced to two: Sword Clan and Arc Wand Clan.
      • Note: all players have been removed from clans and clan territory occupations have been reset.
    • Clan capacities are now capped at a maximum of 56% of the total clan population.
      • Note: this means that if there are 100 players in clans, and 57 of them are in the Sword Clan, the Sword Clan can no longer accept new members until more players join the Arc Wand Clan.
    • Complete benefits of own a territory are now:
      • +10% EXP Bonus
      • +10% Drop Bonus (only applies if the original drop rate was equal to 30% or more. I.E. a 25% drop item is still 25%, but a 50% drop item now drops at 55%)
      • Reduced inn costs within that territory. This is a flat -2,000z from whatever your original fee may be.
    • Territory benefits now extend into dungeons associated with that territory. For a complete list, see here: https://asgardlegend.com/database/map
    • Added in clan dungeons accessible from any clan territory master as long as you are in a clan.
      • The clan that owns the most total territories has an additional +10% EXP and +10% drop bonus (only applies if the original drop rate was equal to 30% or more)
      • The other clan receives a -10% EXP and -10% drop penalty (only applies if the original drop rate was equal to 30% or more)
        • This penalty also applies if the clans are tied for most territories owned.
      • Monsters on both floors are chosen at 00:00 Server Time every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday and may be themed or an entirely random assortment, with at least one champion monster.
        • Clan Dungeon F1 - lower level monsters
        • Clan Dungeon F2 - higher level monsters

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