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Summer New Player Event

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Summer New Player Event

June 1st ~ June 30th


New Player Battle Manuals and Quest Skills

Upon creating a new character from June 1st to July 31st, new players are given five character-bound battle manuals. These battle manuals are only usable from levels 1 ~ 70 and grant the player with +50% experience rates for 30 minutes each. That's two and a half hours of 1.5x leveling speed for all new characters! If that wasn't enticing enough; additionally, all players, new and old, will be receiving their job class' respective quest skills immediately upon login from June 1st to July 31st. No more having to hunt banana juice! It's never been a better time to join Asgard Legend than now!


Kokomo Beach and Pharos Lighthouse

Comodo's casinos just hasn't been reeling in the tourism that it used to. In order to attract more people, Comodo's Kokomo Beach Rep. is out attempting to entice onlookers. The Kokomo Rep. can be found in Izlude (116, 158) for those looking to take a free trip to the beach, the lighthouse, or just looking to get into something more comfortable.


For a limited time only, the Kokomo staff has hired the Kafra service, a private Chef, a Tool Dealer, and... a Wizard. As long as you're within the "Relaxation Zone" of Kokomo Beach or the "Work Break Zone" of Pharos Lighthouse, you can rest assured that the Wizard will protect you. Within these zones, no monsters can attack, no skills are allowed, and all monsters that venture in will be taken care of by the Wizard.


Kokomo Beach (cmd_fild02 and cmd_fild04) has increased Sea Otter and Seal spawns in addition to +25% more EXP! Pharos Lighthouse (cmd_fild07) is packed with Asters, Crabs, and Shellfish as well, with an addtiional +50% EXP! Just be careful, those Crabs are getting a bit feisty. It's no wonder the Kokomo Rep. needs help cleaning up the lighthouse.


Limited Time Hat Quests

Looking for a cool, limited time hat? Speak with the Summer Trader in Izlude (116, 165) right near the Kokomo Rep. These hats are only here for the summer, so get them while you can!


5078.pngSea-Otter Hat [1] - 3 Defense - 1 Slot - +1 VIT. Adds a 3% chance of casting level 2 deluge while attacking and a 3% chance of casting level 3 Water Ball while attacking.

  • 7065.png 150x Sea-Otter Fur
  • 7053.png 50x Cyfar

5456.png Summer Hat [1] - 3 Defense - 1 Slot - Increases resistance to fire property attacks by +5%. Adds a 5% chance of casting level 1 Provoke on the enemy while attacking.

  • 964.png 150x Crab Shell
  • 965.png 50x Clam Shell
  • 1019.png 10x Trunk

5907.pngSea Captain Hat [1] - 3 Defense - 1 Slot - Adds a 0.5% chance of casting Level 3 Lightning Loader on the user while attacking.

  • 951.png 100x Fin
  • 7065.png 100x Sea-Otter Fur
  • 720.png 1x Aquamarine

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