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Poring King and Treasure Poring

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Poring King
One Poring King wanders around all fields and another roams dungeons, both with a respawn time of 60 minutes once defeated. At 50,000 HP, he isn't too hard of a foe, but he has many minions and can be quite the nuisance to the unsuspecting player. Once killed, the Poring King will drop 5 weapons on the ground from the full list below with random modifications. Below are weapons and their relative drop rates. As an example, you are 3x more likely to have a Gakkung [2] drop than a Bloody Axe.
Poring King introduces many new drops as well, so be sure to be on the lookout for Poring King!


Weapon Drops


Treasure Poring
Like the Poring King, Treasure Poring can spawn on any dungeon or field and are filled with goodies. There are 3 Treasure Poring that exist in dungeons and 3 Treasure Poring that exist on fields at any given time. When killed, Treasure Poring will drop between 1~3 items from the full list below, and instantly respawn in another location. As with the Poring King, the drop rates are relative to one another and some are more likely than others. However, unlike the Poring King, Treasure Poring are quite a bit easier to kill.

Armor Drops

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