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Changelog 12/22/2018

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This patch contains numerous skill balancing changes in an ongoing effort to provide balance between all skills and job classes. Please be aware that these changes will continue to happen in the future if skills are deemed imbalanced.


Also note that if you are affected by a skill's maximum level being reduced, your skills will automatically be reset to prevent any players from having skills beyond their intended max level.


EDIT/UPDATE 12/23/2018

A few changes have been reverted based upon feedback. Additionally, the Hypnotist will offer free resets as well as no cooldown on resets until next maintenance (roughly 1 week) to adjust your build easier after many skill changes.

  • Hypnotist's reset services are currently 0z with no cooldown for any level range until next maintenance to assist in adjusting builds after many skill changes.
  • Peco Peco and Falcon rentals are now free to account for the fact that players must remove falcons and pecos in order to rent a pushcart to open a vending shop.
  • Grand Cross (Crusader Skill) HP requirement reverted from 33% back to 20% HP consumption.
  • Angelus and Iron Defense bonuses no longer multiply effects and are now additive.
  • Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti (Priest Skill) now requires only 1 Holy Water to cast.



Changelog 12/22/2018

  • Additions
    • Added in the Card Captor NPC. For a fee of 25,000z the NPC will allow you to set a safety net of 1,500 kills ensuring that you do not need to kill more than 1,500 of a monster to get a card.
      • Location: izlude,86,148
      • Does not work for MvP monsters.
      • If you use the Card Captor's services, the fee will be increased 10x for the next 5 days.
    • Added in a message that displays when opening the cash shop in-game.
      • "NOTE: All cash shop hats are costume only and do not provide stat bonuses of any kind."
  • Fixes
    • Fixed OCA dropping cards that otherwise aren't available to our current Episode. As content is added, those cards too will be added to the OCA.
    • Fixed Cart Revolution skill description damage values.
    • Fixed an issue related to joining a clan before your 7 day clan cool down was up. Leaving a clan means you can't join another clan until 7 days after leaving.
    • Fixed an issue where leaving a clan would still reward the status buff.
    • Fixed Strawberry item description in-game.
    • Fixed the Morroc Pyramids instance cool-down quest window entry description.
    • Fixed the Blacksmith Job Change Quest test questions related to outdated information pertaining to merchants.
    • Fixed the Hunter Job Change quest window information.
    • Fixed the Crusader Job Change quest window information.
    • Fixed Doppelganger Hammerfall damage.
  • Changes
    • Skill Changes
      • Cart Revolution (Merchant Skill) is now available to the Super Novice class.
      • Sprinkle Sand (Thief Skill) range increased from 3 -> 7 cells.
      • Sprinkle Sand (Thief Skill) blind chance increased to 1.5% * Skill Level. (15% Blind Chance at max)
      • Signum Crucis (Acolyte Skill) reduced from max level 10 -> 5. Damage remains the same.
      • Signum Crucis (Acolyte Skill) cast time is no longer interrupted when hit.
      • Holy Light (Acolyte Skill) reduced from 10 -> 5. Damage remains the same.
      • Precision (Archer Skill) now ignores target's flee. Damage, passive CRIT, and passive LUK remain the same.
      • Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti (Priest Skill) now requires 3 Holy Water to cast.
      • Venom Dust (Assassin Skill) is now level selectable.
      • Venom Splasher (Assassin Skill) is now usable on boss-type monsters.
      • Venom Splasher (Assassin Skill) bomb time reduced slightly. Times (per skill level) 500ms 500ms 900ms 1200ms 1500ms 1800ms 2100ms 2400ms 2700ms 3000ms
      • Strip Shield/Weapon/Armor/Helm (Rogue Skills) no longer have pre-requisite skills requirements.
      • Chemical Protect Shield/Weapon/Armor/Helm (Alchemist Skills) no longer have pre-requisite skills requirements.
      • Grand Cross (Crusader Skill) HP cost increased from 20% to 33% to be more balanced with the increased HP recovery rates as well as the fact that grand cross can hit all stacked monsters equally.
        • Note: This is 33% of remaining HP, not total HP.
      • Iron Tempering (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 5 to 3.
        • Success rate: 40% + (Job Level * 0.50%) + (12% * Skill Level)
      • Steel Tempering (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 5 to 3.
        • Success rate: 31% + (Job Level * 0.50%) + (13% * Skill Level)
      • Enchanted Stone Craft (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 5 to 1.
        • Success rate: (Job Level * 0.50%) + (50% * Skill Level)
      • Oridecon Research (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 5 to 1.
      • Weapon Research (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 10 to 5.
        • Overall Forging Success Rate
          • 25% + (1% * Job Level) + (0.2% * Base Level) + (5% * Weapon Smith Skill Level) + (2% * Weapon Research Level)
          • For Level 3 Weapons (5% * Oridecon Research Level)
          • For element stones: -15% each
          • For star crumbs: -10% each
          • For weapon level 1: -0%
          • For weapon level 2: -20%
          • For weapon level 3: -30%
          • Other bonuses
            • +10% for merchant card set
            • +10% for emperium anvil OR +5% for gold anvil OR +3% for oridecon anvil OR +0% for regular anvil
      • Smith Dagger/Sword/Two-Handed Sword/Axe/Mace/Knuckle/Spear (Blacksmith Skills) no longer have pre-requisite skill requirements.
      • Added status icons for the following skills
        • Poem of Bragi
        • Apple of Idun
        • Assassin Cross of the Sunset
        • Service For You
        • Please Don't Forget Me
        • Fortune's Kiss
    • Changed some back-end logging to potentially reduce overloading the server.
    • Increased the EXP-related Tailor Rings EXP bonus from 3% to 6%.
    • Dried Yggdrasil Berry is no longer usable only by the Shaman Profession and is usable by all professions.
    • Changed the level entry requirement for Bio Labs Dungeon 3 to level 85.
    • Stat foods created by the Chef Profession are no longer removed upon death.
    • Changed the way VIT-type DEF penalty is applied to make it more similar to the flee penalty and to help further balance VIT-type defense.
      • Penalty increased from -5% to -10% (same penalty percentage as flee now)
      • After 5 monsters attacking the player, a -10% VIT-type DEF penalty is applied per monster.
      • Example: Tanking 10 monsters would mean a -50% VIT-type DEF penalty.

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did you fix profession shield i cannot use auto guard when equiped..and bro can you make iron defense give hard defense to make it better 1 hard defense pure level so level 10 be 10 hard def at current status it feels like wood defense not iron at all = )



PS: i love that card captor amazing feature

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