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#704 Goals for 2019

Posted by Insomnia on 15 April 2019 - 03:58 AM

Goals for the Year

Below is a generalized outline of what we would like to accomplish and where we would like Asgard Legend to be in the coming year. As mentioned below as well, the following lists are not comprehensive nor are they "set in stone." If something needs to be added or changed around, it will. This is just a very generalized idea of what goals we would like to set for the coming year and when we'd like to accomplish them. Feel free to make comments here or on discord to help shape 2019 of Asgard Legend!


Note: The following information may be subject to change and this post may be edited from time to time based on feedback from the community.


Events Throughout the Year

The following is a breakdown of the major events that you can expect to see over the course of 2019 along with a starting date for each. This is not an inclusive event list, but will provide an idea of the major events.

  • Summer Event (June 1st ~ July 31st)
  • Fall Event (September 21st ~ November 7th)
  • Christmas Event (December 1st ~ January 14th)


By The Start of Summer

Each of the following bullet points represents a major change that we intend to implement by June 1, 2019. The list is not comprehensive, nor does it cover smaller fixes and changes throughout time; it is simply to give an idea of what major things can be expected by the time summer starts.

  • Initial Taekwon Job Tree Implementation
  • Battlegrounds Changes
    • Automatic Build Swapper for BG maps
    • Tweaked Modes
    • Rewards
  • Poring King and Treasure Porings
  • Monster Board Improvements
  • Monster EXP Adjustments
  • Main Story Continuation
  • Instances
    • Prontera Culvert Instance (Level ~30)
  • Skill Descriptions Overhaul (up-to-date with and with more details)
  • Clan System and Territories Overhaul
    • Reduction in the number of clans to two only (Sword Clan and Arch Wand Clan)
    • More benefits for owning a territory
      • Extending EXP rewards into dungeons
      • Slightly increased common drops (drops with a drop rate greater than 30% already)
    • Exclusive dungeon for clan with most territories occupied
      • Monsters within the dungeon itself are rotated.
  • Forging System Overhaul (to include random modifications)


By The End of Summer

Each of the following bullet points represents a major change that we intend to implement by the end of September 2019. The list is not comprehensive, nor does it cover smaller fixes and changes throughout time; it is simply to give an idea of what major things can be expected by the time summer is over. These changes may come at any time in this period.

  • All expanded job classes implemented
    • Taekwon Branch
    • Ninja Branch
    • Gunslinger Branch
  • Mini-Games (both solo and server-wide play)
  • Episode 3 content. (monsters, maps, items, etc.)
  • Instances
    • Bio Lab Instance (level 85+)
    • Thanatos Tower Instance (level 85+)
  • Separate PvP from Kafra
    • Point system based on kills within PvP
    • Ranking added to the main website.


Fall and General Plans

The following are changes that we would like to see implemented by the end of the year or whenever appropriate. This means that they may appear any time between now and the end of the year, not necessarily just in the fall.

  • Episode 4 content (monsters, maps, items, etc.)
  • Continuation of main story line
  • War of Emperium (when deemed appropriate)
  • New patcher skin (with reduced skill effects options)
  • More hat quests (always an option)
  • Build calculator
  • Skill simulator

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#394 New Signum Crucis Skill Tweak Idea

Posted by tarstarkas on 17 December 2018 - 08:40 AM

Hi all,


The change to Signum Crucis to make it do aoe damage is a really neat idea for making acolyte leveling more interesting. The issue is the range of it is so small that it is hard to get off reliably without face tanking the mobs, and if you are face tanking the mobs then you get interrupted quite easily. Also, acolytes aren't exactly tanky so its quite a risky skill to use at the moment versus just healbombing mobs.


With this in mind I would like to suggest some possible tweaks to the current version of the skill that would hopefully make it more viable:


1. Make the skill uninterruptible.




2. Make the skill aoe bigger.




3. Make the skill castable on a player clicked location rather than around the acolyte's fragile body.




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#725 Changelog - Episode 2.2: Taekwon Job Branch

Posted by Insomnia on 06 May 2019 - 01:13 PM


  • Additions
    • Added in the Taekwon Job Branch (Taekwon, Star Gladiator, and Soul Linker)
      • All skill descriptions are implemented correctly in-game for these classes. However, below is a text format version of all skills.
      • It is important to note that if the skill description does not mention something that was in vanilla, it was most likely changed.
    • Taekwon Job Change
      • Begins: Second floor of the Izlude Academy
      • Requirements: Test requires no items, only for the player to gain one base level after speaking with Phoenix in the Meditation Room.
    • Star Gladiator Job Change
      • Begins: payon,167,144
      • Requirements: 1 Star Crumb, 1 Star Dust
    • Soul Linker Job Change
      • Begins: Top left building of Morroc by speaking with Kid.
      • Requirements: 1 Immortal Heart
  • Fixes
    • n/a.
  • Changes
    • n/a.




  • You must run your patcher in order to avoid issues with these job classes.
  • This is the initial implementation of the taekwon job classes and it is extremely likely that some skills may be tweaked for balancing purposes.
  • Please report all issues and suggestions on discord or in the tracker!




Taekwon Skills



Star Gladiator Skills



Soul Linker Skills


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#514 Changelog 01/01/2019

Posted by Insomnia on 01 January 2019 - 12:14 AM


  • Additions
    • Added in a 2 second delay to sending messages shared by all chat channels.
    • Added in a "Reset Both" option to the Hypnotist that resets both stats and skills for a fee equal to 1.5x resetting only stats or only skills.
    • Added in a confirmation selection to the Card Captor to verify that the price is acceptable before continuing.
    • Added in Inventor Jaax to the building to the far east in Payon Town that converts 500 of an arrow into the equivalent Arrow Quiver for easier arrow storage.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Weapon Research (Blacksmith Skill) not properly applying HIT rate bonus.
    • Fixed an issue related to Hammer Fall damage doing more than it should.
    • Fixed Monk Job Change quest having an option that makes the quest unable to be completed.
  • Changes
    • Removed the six day cool-down when resetting stats/skills at higher levels.
    • Changed the base level at which the more expensive zeny reset formula applies from level 75 to level 80 to more closely match when a user might become job level 50 as a second job class.
    • Reduced the cost of Pet Food from 1,000z -> 150z
    • Reduced Maximize Power for all monsters from level 5 to level 1 to accommodate the DEF/MDEF changes made to the Maximize Power skill.
    • Reduced the overall mob quantity of Bio Labs dungeon level 3.
    • Removed the Christmas Event NPCs.
    • Limited time donations have been rotated to the following. These will be rotated out again at the end of January.
      • Pigeon Hat (upper headgear)
      • Showy High Cap (upper headgear)
      • Carnival Hat (upper headgear)
      • Stardust Hairband (upper headgear)
      • Naval Officer Hat (upper headgear)
      • Stunning Star Eyepatch (middle headgear)
      • Electric Sunglasses (middle headgear)

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#484 Rogue: Skill point investment for Plagiarism is too high (pre-req & skill...

Posted by essay on 25 December 2018 - 02:38 PM



Every rogue will be taking Plagiarism. You need 35 points to do so:


2/5 Tunnel Drive

4/10 Snatcher

4/10 Coin Sap

4/10 Backstab

5/5 Raid

5/5 Intimidate

10/10 Plagiarism

1/1 Preserve


For a sword/dagger rogue, you would also take 10/10 sword mastery, leaving you with 10 points.


This leaves your skill tree in an awkward state and the choices are too limited:


Tunnel Drive is still very slow, for someone focusing on stealth they would want to max this

Snatcher is fine on high-health mobs, but you could decide to max for farming

Coin Sap you could invest more for more reliable CC/less SP drain

Backstab is almost useless at this level for damage (the % after is nice), and you would want to max this (pretty thematic to dagger rogue!)

Raid while the only non-plagiarism area effect, is pretty useless due to SP cost, damage, and requirement of hide. This should be a choice to take.

Intimidate is a niche skill, this should be a choice to take.

Plagiarism is GREAT, but you need 10/10 to pick up preserve (required), even if you only copy a level 5 skill

Preserve is GREAT, 1/1, fantastic.


Skills you didn't take:

Divest Helm

Divest Shield

Divest Armor

Divest Weapon


Remove Trap

Gangster's Paradise


Compared to Storm Gust, Grand Cross, and several of the other top-tier thematic skills for other classes, this is too many pre-reqs. 


For a bow rogue, you would also take 10/10 vultures eye and 10/10 double strafe, leaving you with 0 points.


Suggested goal: Rogues should have more DECISIONS for their points, not required pre-reqs. 


Suggested methods to reach goal:


Remove or severely reduce the Tunnel Drive, Backstab, Raid, and Intimidate requirements from Plagiarism. 

Reduce Plagiarism cost to 5/5

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#480 New Signum Crucis Skill Tweak Idea

Posted by Shiroh on 24 December 2018 - 03:02 PM

If you guys want a buff to DMG Priests, enable suffragium on themselves for better ME and Signum builds then :)

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#464 Changelog 12/22/2018

Posted by Insomnia on 22 December 2018 - 10:01 AM

This patch contains numerous skill balancing changes in an ongoing effort to provide balance between all skills and job classes. Please be aware that these changes will continue to happen in the future if skills are deemed imbalanced.


Also note that if you are affected by a skill's maximum level being reduced, your skills will automatically be reset to prevent any players from having skills beyond their intended max level.


EDIT/UPDATE 12/23/2018

A few changes have been reverted based upon feedback. Additionally, the Hypnotist will offer free resets as well as no cooldown on resets until next maintenance (roughly 1 week) to adjust your build easier after many skill changes.

  • Hypnotist's reset services are currently 0z with no cooldown for any level range until next maintenance to assist in adjusting builds after many skill changes.
  • Peco Peco and Falcon rentals are now free to account for the fact that players must remove falcons and pecos in order to rent a pushcart to open a vending shop.
  • Grand Cross (Crusader Skill) HP requirement reverted from 33% back to 20% HP consumption.
  • Angelus and Iron Defense bonuses no longer multiply effects and are now additive.
  • Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti (Priest Skill) now requires only 1 Holy Water to cast.



Changelog 12/22/2018

  • Additions
    • Added in the Card Captor NPC. For a fee of 25,000z the NPC will allow you to set a safety net of 1,500 kills ensuring that you do not need to kill more than 1,500 of a monster to get a card.
      • Location: izlude,86,148
      • Does not work for MvP monsters.
      • If you use the Card Captor's services, the fee will be increased 10x for the next 5 days.
    • Added in a message that displays when opening the cash shop in-game.
      • "NOTE: All cash shop hats are costume only and do not provide stat bonuses of any kind."
  • Fixes
    • Fixed OCA dropping cards that otherwise aren't available to our current Episode. As content is added, those cards too will be added to the OCA.
    • Fixed Cart Revolution skill description damage values.
    • Fixed an issue related to joining a clan before your 7 day clan cool down was up. Leaving a clan means you can't join another clan until 7 days after leaving.
    • Fixed an issue where leaving a clan would still reward the status buff.
    • Fixed Strawberry item description in-game.
    • Fixed the Morroc Pyramids instance cool-down quest window entry description.
    • Fixed the Blacksmith Job Change Quest test questions related to outdated information pertaining to merchants.
    • Fixed the Hunter Job Change quest window information.
    • Fixed the Crusader Job Change quest window information.
    • Fixed Doppelganger Hammerfall damage.
  • Changes
    • Skill Changes
      • Cart Revolution (Merchant Skill) is now available to the Super Novice class.
      • Sprinkle Sand (Thief Skill) range increased from 3 -> 7 cells.
      • Sprinkle Sand (Thief Skill) blind chance increased to 1.5% * Skill Level. (15% Blind Chance at max)
      • Signum Crucis (Acolyte Skill) reduced from max level 10 -> 5. Damage remains the same.
      • Signum Crucis (Acolyte Skill) cast time is no longer interrupted when hit.
      • Holy Light (Acolyte Skill) reduced from 10 -> 5. Damage remains the same.
      • Precision (Archer Skill) now ignores target's flee. Damage, passive CRIT, and passive LUK remain the same.
      • Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti (Priest Skill) now requires 3 Holy Water to cast.
      • Venom Dust (Assassin Skill) is now level selectable.
      • Venom Splasher (Assassin Skill) is now usable on boss-type monsters.
      • Venom Splasher (Assassin Skill) bomb time reduced slightly. Times (per skill level) 500ms 500ms 900ms 1200ms 1500ms 1800ms 2100ms 2400ms 2700ms 3000ms
      • Strip Shield/Weapon/Armor/Helm (Rogue Skills) no longer have pre-requisite skills requirements.
      • Chemical Protect Shield/Weapon/Armor/Helm (Alchemist Skills) no longer have pre-requisite skills requirements.
      • Grand Cross (Crusader Skill) HP cost increased from 20% to 33% to be more balanced with the increased HP recovery rates as well as the fact that grand cross can hit all stacked monsters equally.
        • Note: This is 33% of remaining HP, not total HP.
      • Iron Tempering (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 5 to 3.
        • Success rate: 40% + (Job Level * 0.50%) + (12% * Skill Level)
      • Steel Tempering (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 5 to 3.
        • Success rate: 31% + (Job Level * 0.50%) + (13% * Skill Level)
      • Enchanted Stone Craft (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 5 to 1.
        • Success rate: (Job Level * 0.50%) + (50% * Skill Level)
      • Oridecon Research (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 5 to 1.
      • Weapon Research (Blacksmith Skill) max level reduced from 10 to 5.
        • Overall Forging Success Rate
          • 25% + (1% * Job Level) + (0.2% * Base Level) + (5% * Weapon Smith Skill Level) + (2% * Weapon Research Level)
          • For Level 3 Weapons (5% * Oridecon Research Level)
          • For element stones: -15% each
          • For star crumbs: -10% each
          • For weapon level 1: -0%
          • For weapon level 2: -20%
          • For weapon level 3: -30%
          • Other bonuses
            • +10% for merchant card set
            • +10% for emperium anvil OR +5% for gold anvil OR +3% for oridecon anvil OR +0% for regular anvil
      • Smith Dagger/Sword/Two-Handed Sword/Axe/Mace/Knuckle/Spear (Blacksmith Skills) no longer have pre-requisite skill requirements.
      • Added status icons for the following skills
        • Poem of Bragi
        • Apple of Idun
        • Assassin Cross of the Sunset
        • Service For You
        • Please Don't Forget Me
        • Fortune's Kiss
    • Changed some back-end logging to potentially reduce overloading the server.
    • Increased the EXP-related Tailor Rings EXP bonus from 3% to 6%.
    • Dried Yggdrasil Berry is no longer usable only by the Shaman Profession and is usable by all professions.
    • Changed the level entry requirement for Bio Labs Dungeon 3 to level 85.
    • Stat foods created by the Chef Profession are no longer removed upon death.
    • Changed the way VIT-type DEF penalty is applied to make it more similar to the flee penalty and to help further balance VIT-type defense.
      • Penalty increased from -5% to -10% (same penalty percentage as flee now)
      • After 5 monsters attacking the player, a -10% VIT-type DEF penalty is applied per monster.
      • Example: Tanking 10 monsters would mean a -50% VIT-type DEF penalty.

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#454 New Signum Crucis Skill Tweak Idea

Posted by kantoskan on 21 December 2018 - 01:21 AM

Grand cross also deals a massive amount more damage that comes with that increased cost though.  Personally I don't think that a melee range AoE skill that is easily interruptible is balanced, but that's my opinion

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#427 New Signum Crucis Skill Tweak Idea

Posted by kantoskan on 19 December 2018 - 03:46 AM

There are some abilities that have melee range (like Grand Cross) that were made uninterruptible to make them viable.  Comparing this ability to SG/LoV which you have the ability to cast at a distance with proper positioning/planning to prevent being interrupted is kind of silly.

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#280 Grand Opening Date

Posted by Insomnia on 10 November 2018 - 08:24 AM

Grand Opening Date

Ragnarok: Asgard Legend will be officially opening on December, 14th, 2018 at 00:00 Server Time (US Central). There will be a countdown on the top of the forums as well to provide everyone with a more localized idea of when the server will be opening.


In the coming days, the website will become more finalized and there shouldn't be any missing information or dead links. During this time the server host will be changing slightly. It will still be located on the east coast of North America, but the specs of the server will be greatly upgraded to ensure the best possible performance. Based on the feedback from the beta, many players seemed to be having great connections to the server so the location will remain the same.


There will likely be a bit of downtime as the host is switched, but I will be sure to notify everyone of this over discord. After the switch, be sure to report any issues. Once the host has switched and the website is more presentable (I.E. no missing or incorrect information) advertisements will begin.


Beta End Date

The open beta will end one week before the grand opening date. From December 7th, 2018 and onward, the server will be inaccessible to all players and all characters/items will be wiped. Any account made before that date will be eligible to receive the beta tester rewards below. Until that date, feel free to continue to test out mechanics and provide feedback on any aspect of the project.


In case you missed it, Ragnarok: Asgard Legend has undergone some significant changes to the game client and may require a re-download from the main website in order to connect.


I would also like to thank everyone for participating in the beta and for all the discussions over discord that have helped to shape the project for the better. It's been a lot of fun discussing ways to improve the game all while sticking to our original goal of revamping Ragnarok Online.


Beta Tester Rewards

For every master account that has been registered before December 7th, 2018, the following rewards will be bestowed. Note, creating multiple master accounts is against our policy and will result in punishment.


Beta tester rewards can be claimed in-game by speaking with the Specialist NPC located on the first floor of the Izlude Academy (iz_ac01 132, 85).


1. "Bug Squasher" in-game title. This is a unique title that will only be available to beta testers and will appear beside the character's name in-game.

  • This will appear as an achievement once speaking with the specialist.
  • To select a title, open the equipment window and head to the title tab.

2. A costume version of any headgear that exists in our database. These are completely stat-less and offer no additional benefit other than looks.

  • Players will be asked to preview the headgear before making their selection in order to make sure that the item exists and that it does not crash the game.
  • NOTE: if you wish to request a headgear be added to the database, please do so in the appropriate section of our discord channel.
  • Costume headgears will be completely tradeable.
  • Costume versions of headgears are likely not to always remain exclusive to beta testers and may potentially be available later on as a headgear quest.

3. A temporary increase in EXP. This is a 5% EXP boost for the next 3 hours after speaking with the specialist and claiming your rewards.

  • This EXP boost is not removed upon death and is only available once after the initial claim of beta tester rewards.



Again, thanks to everyone for participating in the beta, providing feedback, and helping find bugs!

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#228 Changelog 09/17/2018

Posted by Insomnia on 17 September 2018 - 08:53 PM


  • Additions
    • Added a Master Storage option to the Kafra Employees. This is a storage that is linked between all game accounts under your master account.
    • Added in the following commands for all players in order to help test out game mechanics.
      • Note: There are many items and job classes that are not available in-game, but are selectable through @commands. Please do not report issues with things that are not normally available in-game as a regular player. Do not create items or do anything of which you are unsure of as you may crash your game and/or get your character stuck. These commands are intended for testing what is currently available.
      • Commands: @commands to view all available.
    • Added in the Homunculus System. The skill is available simply by completing the alchemist job change test. Notes about homunculus below.
      • Intimacy is earned about 2.5x faster than before.
      • All homunculus require the item "Pet Food" to feed them.
      • All homunculus are small size at first, then medium size once evolved.
      • All homunculus are considered demi-human race.
      • All homunculus are considered neutral element.
      • Mental Change on Lif simply swaps MATK and ATK (alongside the stat boost). It does not do double damage.
        • EX: If your Lif's MATK after using Mental Change is 1345, you will do ~1300 damage, and not ~2600 damage
      • Homunculus have had a stat rework. In general, the homunculus should be filling the following niches much better without any of them feeling pointless to use.
        • Lif - Support role. Good for keeping the alchemist healed.
        • Amistr - Tank role. Good for taking the damage away from the player while dealing heavy, but slow damage.
        • Filir - The high DPS role. Good for dealing high levels of DPS, but is very vulnerable to damage itself.
        • Vanilmirth - Decent at all roles, but not the best at any.
    • Added spears to the weapon shop in Izlude.
    • Added a weapon dealer to prt_monk (135, 263) that sells maces and fists.
    • Added in a costume system for future use in hat quests. Costume items are displayed as "Costume's Hat" and will equip as a costume with no stats.
  • Fixes
    • Fly Wings and Butterfly Wings are now usable while mounted.
    • Fixed Efficiency skill description as well as fixed the client-sided with it's max level.
    • Fixed Acid Terror and Demonstration not mentioning the item requirements for the different skill levels.
    • Fixed homunculus skills being usable while mounted with the "Call Mount" skill.
  • Changes
    • Refinement System Changes
      • Note: Armors remain the same in terms of success rates and DEF bonuses as in pre-renewal.
      • Weapon Upgrade Bonuses (Note that +4 is the new safe limit for all weapons)
        • Weapon Lv. 1 - Every +1 upgrade gives +3 ATK (+4 ATK for every upgrade beyond +4).
        • Weapon Lv. 2 - Every +1 upgrade gives +4 ATK (+5 ATK for every upgrade beyond +4).
        • Weapon Lv. 3 - Every +1 upgrade gives +7 ATK (+12 ATK for every upgrade beyond +4).
        • Weapon Lv. 4 - Every +1 upgrade gives +13 ATK (+20 ATK for every upgrade beyond +4).
      • Weapon Upgrade Success Rates from +1 ~ +10
        • Weapon Lv. 1 - 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 80%, 80%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 25%
        • Weapon Lv. 2 - 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 40%, 25%, 25%
        • Weapon Lv. 3 - 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 80%, 60%, 60%, 25%, 25%, 25%
        • Weapon Lv. 4 - 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 60%, 40%, 25%, 25%, 25%, 10%
      • Rough Oridecon and Rough Elunium are now converted in mass amounts through the NPC instead of having to convert each one.
      • Emveretarcon when purchased from NPCs is now 3,000z each and sells for 500z to NPCs as to not change the value of any monsters.
        • This is done to balance out +4 Lv. 2 Weapons vs +0 Lv. 3 Weapons making them more comparable in terms of price since they will typically do similar damage on low to mid-leveled characters.
    • Weapon Modification System Changes
      • Level 1 and Level 2 weapons now have lower maximum values for randomly generated modifications.
      • Level 3 and Level 4 weapons have slightly higher maximum values in comparison to Level 1 and 2.
    • Mastery Skill Changes
      • All Weapon Mastery skills now grant +25 ATK and +5% damage at maximum level when wielding the appropriate weapon
        • NOTE: Spears gain +35 ATK when mounted on a peco.
    • Quick Strike (Thief Skill) now deals additional damage when the user is wielding two daggers or swords.
      • Quick Strike also will do the /omg emote when critical wounds are successfully applied.
    • Merchant Skill Tree Changes
      • Overcharge and Discount skills are removed.
      • Axe Mastery passive skill has been added.
      • Ore Discovery skill has been added.
    • Rogue Skill Tree Changes
      • Added Preserve skill. Requires Plagiarism Level 10.
    • Removed the skill Power Up from MvPs as it is not needed for second classes vs. MvPs.
    • Homunculus SP regeneration is halved to prevent endless homunculus skill spam. (Should be more akin to normal pre-renewal).
    • Slightly reduced overall attack of Filir in aims to balance their damage output.
    • Removed monster talk with the one quest-related exception.

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#822 Third Jobs Classes on the Horizon

Posted by Dizuke on 28 June 2020 - 04:02 AM

May I suggest you re advertise on RMS displaying all the new features we are going to see? Also you should send a email to registered people also. This does not break GDPR.
Would have to be a VERY attractive advert if you want it to stand out from the servers that advertise daily, they make zero effort and hardly use any images/ videos to showcase.

It would feel like a wasted opportunity to holster and bring back old players, especially from launch. 

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#811 Goals for 2019

Posted by tuby10 on 18 May 2020 - 02:48 PM

Hello Insomnia, could you please update this information what is completed and what is left from 2019 and so if you could state the same plan for 2020 will be AWESOME for all players

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#731 Changelog 05/18/2019

Posted by Insomnia on 18 May 2019 - 08:37 AM


  • Additions
    • Added a cut-off time of 30 days for all rankings on the main site. Characters related to accounts that have not had a login in 30+ days will not be included on the rankings.
      • Note: you do not need to log in to the specific character to stay on the rankings, but need to have logged into the game account associated with the character.
    • Added status icons for the following skills
      • Friend of the Gladiator
      • Kaina
      • Kaiwu
      • Kaafe
      • Kauup
    • Added in an aura for ranked blacksmith as well as ranked alchemists in the top 10 lists from /blacksmith and /alchemist.
    • Added in the ability to use a Reset Ticket on combination resets as well.
    • Added a few more helpful features to the introduction of the game.
      • Added a forced navigation to another small island when asked to hunt monsters on the Izlude Isle to help the player better understand how to navigate the small islands.
      • Added a mention of the discord channel and provided a link before leaving the Izlude Isle.
      • Added a forced navigation to the docks of Izlude to assist the player in finding the Izlude Academy after finishing at the Izlude Isle.
    • Added in a new hairstyle, or lack-thereof, for female characters.
    • Added in new permanent donation items to the donation shop. As usual, these have absolutely zero stats and are converted to costumes after selection. Previews below.
      • Close Helm (ID 5131)
      • Flower Crown (ID 5303)
      • Skull Cap (ID 18539)
      • Eremes Guile's Scarf (ID 31057)
      • Mitra (ID 19962)
      • 3D Glasses (ID 5788)
    • Added in Mystery Egg monsters to the south end of Izlude. Useful for testing damage.
      • Mystery Egg A - Neutral. Zero DEF. Zero MDEF. Zero Flee.
      • Mystery Egg B - Earth. Zero DEF. Zero MDEF. Zero Flee.
      • Mystery Egg C - Neutral. 50 DEF. Zero MDEF. Zero Flee.
      • Mystery Egg D - Poison. Zero DEF. 40 MDEF. 200 Flee.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Kaiwu (Soul Linker Skill) not dispelling on death as well as lasting longer than the intended duration.
    • Fixed Kaiwu (Soul Linker Skill) not updating HP to party members after healing.
    • Fixed Soul Linker's spirit skills from consuming more SP than intended.
    • Fixed the aura not showing up for Taekwons in the top 10 ranking.
    • Fixed Taekwon being able to chain combo kicks without having done 50 missions first.
    • Fixed Taekwon gaining access to all skills without having done 50 missions first.
    • Fixed Esma (Soul Linker Skill) not being usable after Eswoo, Eske, and Eska.
    • Fixed Star Gladiator's comfort skills still requiring the proper day. These only require the proper map.
    • Fixed Monster Memory kill counter counting twice if the player was in a party and killing solo.
    • Fixed bow damage scaling exponentially for weapon attacks beyond 100 weapon attack.
    • Fixed Flying Side Kick (Taekwon Skill) not applying the 2x damage modifier if used in the running state.
    • Fixed Flying Side Kick (Taekwon Skill) not removing the running state and applying the spurt status after use.
    • Fixed Furious Baby Desert Wolf spawning on pay_fild09 instead of prt_fild09.
    • Fixed the first job quests still mentioning manuals which were already given to the player at the Izlude Isle.
  • Changes
    • Adjusted description of Kaiwu in-game to help clarify that it targets the ground and all targets in a 5x5 area.
    • Soul Linker's spirit skills can now only be used on party members.
    • Changed the Weapon vs. Monster Size table for weapons that had a 50% damage penalty.
      • Dagger vs. Large 50% -> 75%
      • One and Two-Handed Axes vs. Small 50% -> 75%
      • Knuckles vs. Large 50% -> 75%
      • Whip vs. Large 50% -> 75%
      • Book vs. Large 50% -> 75%
    • Drum on the Battlefield and Ring of Nibelungen no longer have a bow penalty as the bow weapon attack formula was fixed.
    • MvP cards now drop at the same rate as normal and mini-bosses at 0.10%. Note: Many MvP and some mini-boss cards have changed effects for balancing purposes.
    • MvP and select mini-boss card changes. If it is not mentioned here, the effect hasn't changed.
      • Baphomet Card - Endows a weapon with damage that will splash 9 cells around the character with each attack. HIT - 20
      • Berzebub Card (not yet implemented) - Reduce Casting Time by 20%. Does not stack with a second Berzebub Card.
      • Dark Lord Card - Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 5 Meteor Storm on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage. [+ Dark Illusion Card] Maximum HP and SP + 12%. Reduce cast time by an additional 10%.
      • Detale Card (not yet implemented) - MDEF -50. Gains immunity against Frozen status. Has a 5% chance of autocasting Level 1 Land Protector around the user when the user receives magical attack.
      • Doppelganger Card - Enable faster Attack Speed so long as the weapon to which this card is compounded is equipped. Aspd + 8%
      • Drake Card - Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size. ATK + 20.
      • Eddga Card - Enable effect of the Endure skill so long as the Footgear to which this card is compounded is equipped. Maximum HP - 33%
      • Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (not yet implemented) - MATK + 10%, Maximum SP - 50%. Increases damage inflicted on Demihuman and Angel monster by 15%.
      • Gloom Under Night Card (not yet implemented) - Increase damage inflicted on Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel monster and Demon monster by 25%.
      • Golden Thief Bug Card - Grants MDEF + 7 * refine level at the cost of doubling SP Consumption cost when using skills.
      • Ktullanux Card (not yet implemented) - Increases damage against Fire Property monsters by 25%. Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Frost Nova on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
      • Lady Tanee Card (not yet implemented) - Maximum HP - 50% Maximum SP + 30%. Add a 2% chance of gaining 'Banana' each time a monster is killed. Double Banana's healing rate.
      • Maya Card - Reflect single target attack Magic back at the caster (Success Chance 15%).
      • Osiris Card - Enable full HP and SP restoration when resurrected. Max HP/SP + 3%
      • Phreeoni Card - HIT + 80
      • Deviling Card - Add a 30% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. Receive 15% more damage from other property attacks.
      • Ghostring Card - Enchant an Armor with the Ghost Property. Max HP - 20%
      • Salamander Card - Inflict 15% more damage with Fire Pillar and Meteor Storm.
    • The following MvPs are classified as "low tier" and now all have a respawn of 60~70 minutes.
      • Amon Ra
      • Doppelganger
      • Dracula
      • Drake
      • Eddga
      • Evil Snake Lord
      • Garm
      • Golden Thief Bug
      • Incantation Samurai
      • Stormy Knight
      • Maya
      • Mistress
      • Moonlight Flower
      • Orc Hero
      • Orc Lord
      • Osiris
      • Pharaoh
      • Phreeoni
      • Tao Gunka
      • Ygnizem
    • Teleport and Fly Wings are now enabled on Amatsu Dungeon 1st Floor.



In order of left to right: Close Helm, Mitra, Flower Crown, Skull Cap, 3D Glasses, Eremes Guile's Scarf

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#469 New Signum Crucis Skill Tweak Idea

Posted by whatgoat on 22 December 2018 - 09:49 PM

cast time is uninterruptible with today's patch and max lv reduced to 5

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#335 An Asgard Legend Christmas

Posted by Insomnia on 08 December 2018 - 05:20 PM


An Asgard Legend Christmas

December 14th ~ December 31st


Help Santa!

One of Santa Claus' workers just witnessed Antiono stealing presents straight from the Toy Factory. A Christmas Cookie stated that the workers were confused when Santa arrived looking a little different, but didn't want to judge. Perhaps Santa just lost one of his hands and replaced it with a hook and maybe they didn't want to mention it. Next thing they knew, Santa ran off with a bag of presents! Guess it wasn't Santa after all...


Santa Claus went straight to Izlude due to the influx of new recruits at the Izlude Academy. He needs your help getting back those stolen presents from Antonio. Antonio is quick, but at least we know that he's hiding in the field just west of Izlude. Everyone can help bring him down and everyone can help return stolen presents. Bring back some presents and Santa will reward you with a gift of your own.


Rewards (randomly selected within each category)

Provide Santa Claus with your returned Stolen Presents to get one of the rewards, selected by Santa himself!

  • 665.png Stolen Presents x 10
    • 14550.pngMerry Christmas Firecracker x 3
    • 14550.pngMerry Christmas Firecracker x 6
    • 14550.pngMerry Christmas Firecracker x 9
  • 665.png Stolen Presents x 50
    • 538.png XMAS Cookie x 15 (great for healing!)
    • 538.png XMAS Cookie x 30 (great for healing!)
    • 603.png Old Blue Box x 1
  • 665.png Stolen Presents x 100
    • 664.png Gift Box x 3
    • 665.png Gift Box x 3
    • 666.png Gift Box x 3
    • 667.png Gift Box x 3
  • 665.png Stolen Presents x 250
    • A Special Headgear!
  • 665.png Stolen Presents x 1000
    • A Rare Special Headgear!


Santa's Porings

Santa just can't keep it together this year. In addition to the above mishap, some of Santa's Porings have been wandering around a bit too far from the Toy Factory. You can find a few of them in every major town... and it looks like they are carrying some goodies. Everyone needs a Santa Hat to be festive for this Christmas!

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#284 Grand Opening Date

Posted by Falling Stars on 11 November 2018 - 10:31 PM

Ahh. Just in time for winter break!

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#283 Grand Opening Date

Posted by snakeside on 10 November 2018 - 04:50 PM

So excited for this!

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#281 Grand Opening Date

Posted by Frokes on 10 November 2018 - 01:08 PM

So excited, can't wait.

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#139 Crusader Job Assessment

Posted by mamotromico on 25 August 2018 - 03:16 PM

The reason Flee was added on the Quicken skills on renewal is because the flee formula is different on renewal. There it is much harder to keep 95% flee in general. No need for the flee buff here since it uses the classic formula (copied from knight thread)

I don't think it makes sense to make the Spear quicken to have a 1handed option. If that's the case then crusader would have 3 "Quickanable" weapons, and Knights only two.
If you're gonna make a "one handed spear quicken", move it to the Swordsman class

EDIT: Or merge the 1h/2h sword quicken too, on the knight. No sense to break the simmetry in this case.

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